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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


@burtlo On Windows I just use the included video editor Windows Movie Maker for all my videos. Fast and easy for simple videos.

@quadlifepro Nice flying around that playground. The big plus of you filming your screen instead of using DVR footage is getting to hear the beautiful sound of those motors revving as you fly around! :slight_smile:


Can I join in? Fairly new Rambo whoop flyer so I’ve got plenty of unsteady crash footage to contribute :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be a good candidate for crash reels hahaaa would love to help but don’t have a dvr yet then again I don’t have a camera any more either lol well not with an ariel


I’ll add you to the roster! There’s some motivation to get that DVR and camera!

Guys dont forget we still need suggestions /submissions for a logo to help out @thexboxblaster!



Let’s do a quick shout out to @Benedikt to see if we can copy his logo that closely. I certainly like the idea and it’s meant with all due respect to honor our favorite vendor!!! … but it’s close enough to need his stamp of approval. I’m working on some other options that are similar to the logo but still different enough that they would respect any legal boundaries. We should wait on his response to see which way we need to go. Don’t be disappointed if we can’t copy it that closely. While he may personally like it - he may have a legal obligation to say no.


You have to work really f’in hard to disappoint me.


Maybe put a wild-haired person with Fpv goggles and controller in place of the MMW logo or superimposed over the logo. Also maybe a stylized tiny whoop sketch…


To piggyback, this person might have the MMW red logos for eyes :eyes:


Thanks for the kind words, chime! Bare with me here, this is a long one…

When I first started flying it was always in an open field, and it was always in the style of flying an airplane (jet fighter :wink: ) I really enjoyed flying through the entire field, gaining altitude, practicing flips and rolls, diving down fast and pulling up right before i hit the ground, cruising, patrolling the area, setting goals, just having some good exploring fun and stuff. I’d come in for a landing, switch battery packs and go back out to explore again…

As fun as this was, I realized i was always flying forward, just like an airplane would. I realized a quad is certainly capable of doing so much more than that, so I decided it was time to move on to the next level of flying…
From General Flying/cruising —> Acrobatic. lol (This is where many crashes start happening, but if you quad is well built, it should be able to handle quite a few spills into the grass…)

I found a grassy open area with a tree that was small enough for me to reach the top with a pole, and i went to work! :smiley: I PESTERED that tree for days, flying under and through the canopy, flipping over the top of the tree, orbiting up and down the tree… I would also fly FULL SPEED straight towards the tree trunk, and then would bail to the left or right at the very last split second to avoid hitting the trunk… This helped me in terms of building up reflexes, but I realized this was a very sketchy way of learning how to “line up” what I wanted to fly through…

I then decided to make pylons out of PVC and pool noodles… It was perfect. if i crashed into the pool noodle, my quad would just bounce off usually, and I could try again…

Make a pylon, bro. Find a small piece of PVC tubing, and stick a pool noodle over it and jam that sucker in the ground…(since we are dealing with micros, you can probably even cut a pool noodle in half and have 2 “pylons”…)

Practice flying full speed and just barely passing over the tip of the pylon. This will teach you how to lock in on certain objects… Also try to fly full speed and get as close as you can to the side of the pylon without crashing into it as you pass it. This will teach you a frame of reference to how close you can get the side of your quad through an object… Repeat this many many times… Pester the hell out of that pylon… Orbit that pylon. Go nuts on that pylon…

You can even stick two pylons together, and just try to fly in between them as a “gate”, or you can make gates with pool noodles… but Usually a pylon is 5 times easier to set up lol

none the less, I hope that gives you so good advice on how to improve “lining up your sights” so to speak… Just keep practicing and you will get it! :smiley:

@jayodas thanks! :smiley: I agree, i really do enjoy hearing the beautiful sound of those sweet dark edition motors, and having the general background audio in the flight video as well… birds chirping and cawing :smiley: It’s awesome…


I would hit like on that twice of I could…


I love this write-up!

I’m right in that transition phase, though in large part accidentally while trying to powerloop backwards.
I’ve realized that my kingkong q100 brushed is really pretty durable, and that even breaking the frame isn’t the end of the world.
Therefore, my “ideal” clearance has changed from “plenty” to “enough”.
I was already flying aggressively, now I’m flying like a nutjob, goal of that was to be able to catch things when I screwed them up, and survive accidental high speed. Now I do it cause it’s fun…
Been playing racerpilotman around and over my house. Sometimes I make it a whole battery.
This morning I made it a minute and four seconds before I went wide on a fast 90 degree right and clipped the fence.
Sometimes this method isn’t ideal, such as the last video I posted, but it’s certainly fun!

I really like the hitting gaps going backwards routine.

For pool noodle gates, make two pylons with at least 1’ of PVC that sticks above the noodle. Put a noodle on both, arched between them. Easy and fast to set up/tear down.

This does assume you have easy access to pool noodles, of course. Some kind of post or structure you can hit without breaking things is crucial though.


Sweet thanks pal just in changing jobs at mo so on a training course to go on Monday an if I pass I’m looking for a new career so first wage purchase will be a dvr
whoo hoo I run the cheapo self modded quanum v2 pro version goggles being a noob so any good dvr you could suggest for them


I still enjoy the fighter pilot feel of flying. Which is why I love 5S, and why I have some 6S batteries on the way.


I think the logo should maybe be a bit more unique (if we need a logo at all) and not too directly inspired to the internals of a brushed motor. :wink: But I’ll be happy with whatever democratic decision will be made.


It would just help to have one for our YouTube icon rather than the letter m and would make for some good graphic animation on an intro clip.


Have said maniac with logo rotating in his eyes :eyes:


What about an animated quad flying a guy? Wish I had some artistic skills lol


If there’s tshirts involved, can I play too? I’ll contribute techno and dnb soundtracks on my vids to balance the dubstep.


I’ve got some logo designs I’ve been working on… I should be able to post some concepts this weekend. Also as far as the domain name goes… I’m not too worried about it… I can transfer ownership to anyone at anytime. Obviously we can talk more about it as well, either way… I’m open to anything.