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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


@chime thank you, sir! :slight_smile:

@burtlo I am going to try to set up a cardboard “flap” that should hopefully block out the light better than the piece of paper I had before… I’ll take a picture of the contraption sometime today if I can lol

@thexboxblaster i hope it clears up for ya soon! i am in LOVE with the frame. I’m still getting used to flying it to be honest. it’s my first x frame ever, I usually only fly H frames. (IMO H frames allow the flight camera to hover right above the grass, making “low and fast” flying easier.) but this frame is definitely made to go fast… 41.5g build weight without battery. And the dark editions are AMAZING! Best motors I’ve ever tried, hands down. Silky smooth. In the video both left motors are actually very weak… going to install a fresh set next week maybe? I’ll record another clip then!


Sorry for replying so late, but I would love to join! My piloting skills are limited, but I’m pretty good on the workbench. I love your idea and I cant wait to see it form!


Just let me know how I could be of any help, and I’ll try my best.


I am sure I am not the only one that is going to use this opportunity to work on improving video editing skills. Those of you with more experience, what software are you using for video editing? I am on windows. Cheers!


I use virtual dub to reformat videos into prores files and depending on the type or intention of the video - it also has the best performing deshaker algorithm in a plugin and also has great plug ins for removing fish eye and rolling shutter effects. I’ve compared it’s performance against a lot of programs for those features and it wins hands down. Setup is not super easy but there are lots of YouTube tutorials.

Then I use Davinvi Resolve for color corrections, luts, motion tracking, editing, adding overlays, adding text or animations. It’s free borderline Hollywood quality software.


Team wide shout out & graphics design team - @thexboxblaster has asked us to contribute submissions for a logo. Anything you come up with is appreciated - a doodle on a napkin, a computer graphic, a picture of a cloud that looks just like an elephant … (OK maybe that’s not helpful -lol). It’s your team - here’s your chance to make your mark!!!


@burtlo @NotFastEnuf

Turns out I should be able to host the site through my provider for free, so that is cool. Also… MicroMotorManiacs.com is available so I’m going to scoop up the domain and get us a landing page set up this weekend. :beers:


If the hosting is adequate, FREE is awesome! Thanks for that, and relay gratitude to your provider as well! Thanks for grabbing the domain as well!

Can we transfer the domain to @NotFastEnuf or @Benedikt?


I use ScreenFlow on OSX for editing video. Super easy. No comment on a Windows app, sorry.


No need to transfer to me … I am just another team member.


In not wanting to delve into politics, I find it helpful to mitigate the need for politics. Your handling of the WhinyWhoop (sic) “event” was remarkable.


The domain name ownership can turn out to be very important, say it this hits it huge and actually starts making real money (Banggood ads on the page, for example), the owner of the domain is exactly that, the owner.

Who should that be? No clue, in situations where someone (an individual) is starting a team it’s pretty clear. In our situation not so much, unless we incorporate somewhere, but that is expensive, excessive, and brings with it many other problems. So probably not.

Odds are we won’t become the next McLaren anyway, so it probably won’t matter.


Odds are we won’t become the next McLaren anyway, so it probably won’t matter.

Yeah, it’s not like we have any code to fork…




One last vid for you guys to enjoy :slight_smile:

I went back to the park again today. had some good packs, and some bad packs. But over all I had a lot of fun. 2 crashes in the video, sorry about the glare you guys. :frowning: I need to come up with a new contraption or just wait until June to buy a DVR… (dead broke ATM)…

Anyway, enjoy my friends! Can’t wait to submit real DVR files for the YouTube channel…


That was AWESOME ! Could you find any smaller gaps to hit brother … haha … I seriously thought you were going to try to squeeze the crook through the grates on the bbq grill! Nice flying.

Also, come on over to my pid tuning thread and post a dump… If you’re willing to accept input to test - I think we can make some big improvements. (Not saying it’s bad … just see room to polish)


Thanks man! :smiley: lmfao about the BBQ comment. I will absolutely post dump on in that thread on Sunday, (only have access to iPhone until Sunday)id be honored to accept some input… as far as my specialties go, count me in for LOS eye candy/rippers/crash, with occasional acro LOS tutorials…


@quadlifepro - You Abusive Maniac! - hahaha
My gosh - you abused that playground - Holy S! You shot so many holes into it that it bled out!

I need lessons…


@quadlifepro and @NotFastEnuf - What does one have to do to achieve that “thread-ability”. No matter what I do “within reason” to achieve that level of accuracy, it seems my quad(s) require too much correcting or drifts enough for me to try to avoid “threading the needle” type of maneuvers. Holding a line is really kinda impossible, especially since I mostly fly on a slope. I’m wondering if I’m still “under-tuned” though I now have P Values in the 100-130 range. When I started, it seemed that 50 was about as high as anyone went. Couple that with my altitude - I’m wondering if it warrants me going even higher.


For me, it’s a flying style thing. Not in the tuning. You ever been skiing or snowboarding? Downhill long boarding is the same also. In those sports you have the most stability when “you set an edge.” Let’s you dig the edge harder or relax it a bit for a precisely controlled adjustment. Not sure if that makes sense to you. But that’s how I do it. I can’t hit gaps like some of those without playing a bit of an edge that I adjust as I thread the needle. I’d miss every time if I lined every one up straight. Lol