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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


Awesome, my suggestion made it. :blush:
I’ve been away over easter, noticed the surprises yesterday. :smiley:


I normally wouldn’t join a club that would have me as a member…but in this case, I might make an exception!


Also, for any content producers that do not have a technical speciality for behind the scenes - I encourage you to identify your speciality in the type of content you can produce and that can be added to the roster list … ie: rippers, build videos, tutorials, product reviews, vlogging, crash reels.

For channel creation settings … do we want uploads to default to unlisted so that we can space out publishing, seek video editing support for our editing team, and allow SEO team to tweak our descriptions before videos go live? I would think that descriptions can be tweaked at any time for SEO… you guys probably know more than me on that. My opinions on publishing schedule are pretty open - it’s up to you guys if we want to assign or just make available a team to review uploads before publishing public to add editing tweaks /music, SEO, manage the upload schedule. I want to make this as unrestricted as possible but still have resources available.

Maybe we can identify a management team for that stuff if you want your stuff to be managed (could identify that in your unlisted upload description) … and also make it open so that if you like your skills the way they are you can just go straight to public.

I do think it would be nice if we each had an overlay of our pilot name or personal logo in the bottom right or something so that each contributor (team pilot) is readily identified in their uploads for viewers. That’s are pretty basic editing skill and we can create a tutorial on how to do that for team members that aren’t familiar. What do you think? What are your suggestions?


This is important. I think the video should be published once it is ready. No need to rush things.
For best performance: upload unlisted and publish when title + desc + thumbnail + keywords are optimized.
For easy managment: everyone publish his own video, SEO made after, thumbnail if requested and so on.

for the first case more effort is needed, longer waiting time to see your video published, coordination between the members needed. Though results are very more likely to come, especially in the long run.


Crash reel star here!
Maybe some ripping in between :joy:


Excellent idea!
Normally, people edit the mistakes out of their flight videos. What about flight videos of quads gone wrong - nothing but mistakes.
For me, I like it because it might help the rest of us understand just how much effort and practice it takes to pull off stunts like @JBFPV does with his eyes closed.


What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization :slight_smile: Basically the “art” of choosing the right keywords, title, description and so on on your content with the intent of becoming a top answer to a query.


Everybody loves crash reels, or at least to see that the “really good pilots” crash too.
I know I do!

I’m for uploading unlisted and letting the SEO ninjas do their magic, but I don’t care hugely by any means.

I’ll definitely be including the crashes in my videos, not that anybody is likely to mistake my flying for pro pilot status in the first place!

Did we come to a conclusion about how sponsored you had to be before the part whatever it was (107?) rules started applying?


Under 250 grams we are regulation free.


Oh even for sponsored/paid? Awesome.

Edit: looks like it depends on the definition of “commercial”.
If you’re commercial, you need part 107, no escape.
If you’re not, then no regs other than maintaining LOS for stuff under 250g, and just registration for over 250g.

Is receiving t-shirts commercial? Hard to say.
Not if you get them for signing up and not flying I’d say.

Part 107 isn’t exactly Draconian anyway.

That los thing (which does not appear to actually require a trainer box, just someone with eyes on the quad) is the only awkward bit I’ve found.

The 5 miles from airport too I suppose.


I think if you look at the spirit of the law, and consider that we will all be under the 250 mark - we should be fine. Shout out to @Brainstorm to find us our legal loophole!


Yeah spirit wise we’re good.
Not endangering people or property, not getting into aircraft airspace, not losing the thing and setting fire to stuff.
That’s what it reads to me like they care about.


Hey you guys, out of spirit for the YouTube channel I wanted to post a quick clip of the mmw dark editions and the crook 110… I am sorry for the poor video quality. Until I get a DVR I will be recording with a spare monitor stuffed inside a cardboard box with my iPhone recording the monitor…lol anyway, as soon as I get a more reliable DVR I’ll be happy to submit files directly for the channel… until then Ill have to just use this method lol kind of cool hearing the quad as it comes and goes tho lol


In honor of the recording hack, I had to watch that in HD:

Put the whole thing in something else, if possible, to reduce the glare. Seemed fine, but you’ll need some dubstep to make it official.


That is some nice flying @quadlifepro! Great vid :smiley: I must say though I envy the weather a lot… Been raining here for 4 days straight :smiley: How do you like the frame? Looks like you get some serious speed there :slight_smile:


OK guys, the channel is up here:

@Vendra, @thexboxblaster, @eXzez, & @befreestudios - you guys are up first to work together to put a good paint job on this channel, produce our teaser/intro video, and get us a logo. Let us all know if there is anything that we can do for you to support the process!! PM me your gmail addresses and I will get your permissions set on the channel first. While those guys get the channel & logo polished up and ready for show - I will be messaging the rest of you to also get you added to the permissions list for access. I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with!!!

If anyone else has some particular YouTube based skill - hit up these guys and also me to jump in.

Once we have the channel all set for uploads - we will kick the web development team in gear!


@quadlifepro Real nice job!


Looking forward to all of this… I might have some time for logo ideas… but I’m really looking forward to working on the web experience. Anyone else on the web team PM me and we can start to talk details. Maybe we should start a slack channel for real-time collab?

Initial thoughts…

  1. we need a domain name.
  2. hosting… who will provide hosting, and how will it be paid for? (I can host, but it would be about $15/month)
  3. I can start defining requirements, but we will need feedback from the group
    3 Start thinking of some cool stuff you would like to see on the site… (IE Pilot Bios, Tips-n-tricks, Wall of Fame/Shame, etc)


Hi guys, I’m a little late to the party! Would love to provide content to start with and will pay attention here to see where else I can help out on the tech side. I’ve been focusing my efforts on building very light brushed micros which can do acro freestyle moves without using the very high end super fast motors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: