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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


Today I thought of these simple names :
Micro motors addicted
Micro motors dependent

  • Micro Motor Maniacs
  • Micro Motor Misfits
  • Massive Micro FPV
  • Bird Bones FPV
  • Microquad Pirates
  • Micro Pirates
  • Microquad Squad
  • Team Microkwad
  • Micropilots United
  • Micro Multirotor Maniacs
  • Micro Motor Controllers
  • picy motors
  • Pep’s N micro
  • Micro fly’N squad
  • Redrum Micro Squad
  • Micro Motor Burners
  • MicroMotorMadmen
  • Micro Misfits

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Voting will remain open till Tuesday night. You can change your selection if you change your mind after you vote until the poll is closed. I like Benedikt’s suggestion that Micro Motor Warehouse and Micro Motor Maniacs go hand in hand but I encourage you to cast your vote for the team name that you want to fly for. I’m sure we are fortunate to have his support no matter what! Enjoy guys and good luck picking your favorite!!!


Can you make that multiple choice?


Apparently I can not edit it after 5 min - so that is what we get. It does seem that you can change your selection if you change your mind and it will only let you vote once … so this should work.


Only two votes… mind re-doing it if you agree to multiple choice?


I’m not sure I understand the benefit to that. Can you elaborate what it will do better? I don’t want it to be confusing with two polls - and this one cannot be edited or deleted.


I like a number of the choices, hard to choose, not sure if others feel the same, but the voting weights aren’t terribly different since we’re a small audience, limited time span.

I can live with it, no need to wrestle too hard over this.


If I’m not too late I will happy to participate. I’m too old to compete in piloting skills but I’m an experienced builder and a software developer.

Also, my guess for the next wave of micros is the brushless tech. Currently I’m building a 70mm brushless with a 1103 but there are 0703 motors waiting for “love” from us.


You’re on the IT team: @burtlo, @befreestudios, @Vendra, @littlrussian, and @vinz486


I could not find a documentation how to make that into a multiple choice poll, but if you tell me how, and I will try to edit it.


I think it’s OK. In its current form, each person gets to cast one vote. Thats a good way to trim down the list so i say there is no harm in letting it roll as is. We can do a simple yes/no poll at the end just to confirm a majority rule on the results if there is a clear winner, or even revote on a narrowed selection if the results are spread evenly between some top candidates.


I don’t have a dvr …yet but when I do count me in my flying skills aren’t the greatest just started flying acro but I think im improving quickly


You’re in… added to the list. Keep ripping the skies. Consider using a YouTube downloader to rip some random flight footage and download a video editor like resolve and practice cutting up some video. Editing is half the battle and may also be something you enjoy. If not we have a crew of guys to lean on for support and guidance!


Would love to be involved in this. Please, sign me up. Recently I became convinced that micro quads are the way of the future, and have become highly proficient in letting the magic smoke out of cameras/vtx/fc/rx/etc… by smashing them repeatedly into the walls, ceiling, and floor of my apartment. Thankfully, I’m not too bad at putting them back together. Also, I develop software professionally and may be able to be of some assistance in that regard as well.


I love it how many people are signing up :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get the thing going :smiley:


With over 50% vote for Micro Motor Maniacs … It looks like we can move on to the next stage of project development. I will create the channel today and will start communicating individually with each of you that have signed up via private message to get you credentialed to have access to the channel.

While that happens, I encourage our graphics design and video editing team to work together on logo creation & our teaser/intro video.

Later today i will also be updating out team roster in post #1 with each of our specialties next to our names so that we can organize our subgroups to push forward!

Excited and optimistic guys!!!


Excited also, I didn’t see my name in post 1, may I still summit video to be considered?


Of course! You’re in - sorry man. If I missed anyone else … it wasn’t intentional! Just remind me!!

This is an open team… All who want to participate are always welcome!


Anyone who has identified a specialty has been labeled in the 1st post. Take a look and if you have something to add let me know.


I like my title.