Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


Awesome … added to lists in post 1
Once we get the name locked in …
We can organize into groups based on specialty and work together on the tasks at hand from there. Logos, website, channel management, sponsorship, and don’t forget the shredding the skies group!


I really love the sound of micro motor burners. That is my favorite so far.


Love it.

I’m a software engineer. I’d love to build the site.


I’m an engineer too (Computer Science) :slight_smile: not really focused on web technologies tho.
I could help with youtube SEO, I’m not a professional but let’s say I just have some background knowledge


Can I play too? I have no talent to offer to speak of, but I’m pretty in front of a camera and chicks dig me! :sunglasses::grin::wink:


Cool… that’s mainly what I do… Modern Web Tech


After the vote, us techies can pow wow about what and how we wanna kick butt. Cool?

@befreestudios, @Vendra? @littlrussian? Who else?


Tech crew, count me in




I probably crashed enough times this evening to make a video of just that. I do not appear to be a good pilot today.
Everything is still in my possession (except one prop) and it all still works though, so it is a good day!


Same here,
Had 1/2 day work, excellent weather, tons of batteries and all I managed was a short crash reel😂

No matter, going out in the am tomorrow to my spot so I’m more comfortable there. Should get some rat whoop dodging trees and maybe a gate or two. Damn that’s hard w -19 speed tho.


I’m down.

ill be training for the official team member admittance test…

swim across the hungry crocodile lake while
holding a non-waterproffed alien wii card above my head…
once on the shore if both arms are intact:
assemble an alien wii quad (if the fc did not get wet in the crocodile evasive maneuvers)
and fly 3 laps through the floating gates while not getting my quad eaten by the pissed off croc that did not get one of my arms.

my time is 12.53 min I’m working on reducing some seconds by shaving my legs.

we need stickers.
i dont normally join teams or clubs, yet you folks are great.


I shared earlier, in Discord, that i climbed 20’ to retrieve my Reggae Shark today.


Shark. Check
Quad. Check
Dangerous height. Check

Your in.


This is so great guys!! I feel really optimistic about this today. Resources are being pooled, props are being broken, limits are being pushed, and gravity’s heavy hand is being taunted (@burtlo)!! I can’t wait for Tuesday when we are closer or on our flight team’s name for the channel to be created, the logo to be born, and we break off Into our subgroups to push progress with our specialties - @tronaton an excellent idea about the stickers. I will be transparent about our ebay generated budget and we can decide together how it’s spent. Stickers, hats, shirts… whatever you guys want that we can squeeze out of our meager beginnings :slight_smile:

We’ve broken the 15 pilot mark - so that means we are close to being able to release daily content from 1 or 2 individual contributions a month. I look forward to team challenges as well! I’m practicing tree diving ( think think of It like building diving but organic and gluten free) tucked up close to the tree trunk. If I get good at making it look like I want it to - my first video will be some fast and low ripping with the main feature around some sick tree trunk dives and and a challenge to the team to give it a go. Do you all think some occasional flight challenges team wide like that may serve to keep our attention?


Just watched steele’s Friday q&a… interesting tidbit he shares about meeting with the faa and that basically any monetized or sponsored YouTube pilot is basically breaking the law without part 107 certification - all the more reason to stay under 250 grams so regulation doesn’t apply. Scavenging parts off my last assembled 5 inch tonight… I think I’m micro for life now.


Part107 is pretty interesting reading. If it didn’t include the trainer box los thing I’d just go do it. Oh well.

@tronaton & @burtlo I climbed a neighbor’s fence with my kids extendo-grabby-claw, played spyhunter with the antennas removed from my VRX to find my quad in tall grass three times, and eventually ended up climbing up onto the roof, too.
Didn’t have to climb a tree though, so that’s nice.
It was good exercise at least.
In rough order:

The airfield (kid’s half built fort):

The claw:

And the Roof:

I’m very excited about this team!


A joint YT channel sounds like an excellent idea to me.
Managing three channels myself, I know how hard it is to provide regular content, respond to all comments, maintain all info/links, create/populate playlists etc. Spreading that load amongst us can be a powerful to spread the micro flying fun across the universe.
thumbs up!

I continue to be excited and very happy about the enthusiasm and hospitality exercised in this forum.
The spirit of everyone contributing here and the smart forum software made it so easy to foster the friendly and nerdy vibe that we all love, so I have no reservations by linking the Team YT channel to this forum and my website by using a similar name.

Micro Motor Maniacs gets my vote.
Wikipedia calls manics “obsessive enthusiasts”, I think thats spot on :wink:

If there is anything that I specifically can do to support this effort, please tag me here.
Im currently traveling Japan with the other group of obsessive enthusiast in my life - a fine bunch of Australia Karateka, so my online time is very limited for the next days to come and its easy to miss things in the info river.

Greetings from the blinking concrete jungle of Shinjuku!


Thank you for your support, and I’m geeking at your current travels! Hai-yah!


@Benedikt, Thank you! I really appreciate the vibe, enthusiasm and knowledge shared on this forum. I have visited other related forums and it’s just not the same, that’s why I loiter here :slight_smile: