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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


Sounds like a helluva summer… condolences, and welcome back!


Yall still looking for eager pilots? Wish i would have noticed this post a year ago.


It never really got off the ground, maybe I can revive it in 2019 after I get through all this year end stuff. I’ve been thinking about it more lately. The idea is great - an open invite for anyone to take part in a team and come together to produce content and promote each other. I still like it. Just need more time to manage it. Consider yourself in and cross your fingers gers I get the chance to launch it properly!


@NotFastEnuf Im totally with this awesome new Line of concept !!! 100% ! Im all in if you pick me 35885341


Damn … im too late i thk just scrolled up ! im doomed


I just joined this group but I’d like to be a part of the YouTube channel.


I really like flying micros, but have trouble finding motivation to edit videos for my own YouTube channel… could I just give the Micro Motor Maniacs footage to be edited and used on the MMM channel?


That would depend on if someone who enjoys editing wants to step up and run with it. The whole venture fell flat when I ran out of free time.


Does the content gotta be original or can be repost from my channel? https://youtu.be/TD6SC10JBNw For instance. Dove with a boss frame 7mm