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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


Try updating the firmware in your dvr if that’s possible.


What DVR you are using. If it’s Eachine dvr pro, they have black screen issue with the batch version 1.6 and you better open a ticket for refund. I just received my Eachine DVR It works ok, my board show version 2017…


It’s the same as the eachine dvr but it’s the ocday version of it knowing my luck I have the black screen issue oh well back to the drawing bored lol


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  • Logo 1
  • Logo 2
  • Logo 3
  • Logo 4
  • Logo 5
  • Logo 6
  • Logo 7

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So lets try again. :wink: I added one more submission that was put in, but flipped MMW’s emblem so its not a blatant trademark infringement. Keep in mind some of these are still works in progress so vote for the one you would like to see developed into our first logo. I say first because we will probably adopt more as time goes by … but we just need something to work into our intro video at this point so that we can open the channel for video submissions and move on to the next steps of all getting on the same page for how we submit, how we identify ourselves in our submissions, and any other processes we determine we need to follow to keep it running smoothly. Have fun guys - this is exciting!!


I voted 3, but 5 is a very close second, and I think I’m going to see if I can 3d print 4 convincingly tomorrow.


#3 is my clear favorite, although I’d still like to see that “3” move to the raised exponential position.

@NotFastEnuf: Flipping the MMW logo is not going to save anybody from copyright infringement. :wink:

However, @Benedikt is a cool guy and has allowed use of his logo for community efforts in the past (e.g. the community frame design). So I would hope that he would be supportive if #6 ends up being the winning M^3 logo design. :slight_smile:


Number 3 with 3 raised for m “cubed”. I put in my vote… I will say when looking st all 7 idea submissions altogether in the same picture it was near impossible, they are ALL fantastic. And @chime13’s design made it that much more difficult for me to choose. Glad we ultimately are keeping them all because some of those are going to make AMAZING stickers…


A lot of great submissions. Thanks guys. I put in my vote.


FWIW - my design makes a great prison tattoo - Very easy to recreate with some ink and a rusty nail - hahaha

@NotFastEnuf - Good job on the poll




I still prefer 4 most :slight_smile:
5 would be even better IMHO with the M alignment of 4.

Side-note: note sure whether the poll is really “fair” since the preview only shows 1-3 unless you click on it.


Lol. It does say click the picture to expand all choices. Unfortunately I did not write the html for this site that cropped the image. I’m assuming we’re all fairly high functioning since we are capable of this hobby! ! Hahaha! :smile:


So it looks like logo 3 is our winner to kick off the channel! @thexboxblaster has kindly volunteered to incorporate our selection into our intro video! A big thanks! If we are going to adjust anything on it before he gets started - now is the time to say so in order to not create wasted effort on his part.


Glad to hear #3 won to start. :smiley:

As mentioned previously, I’d love to see the 3 move up to exponential position, rather than in the middle where it currently sits. I’m just watching from peanut gallery, so don’t mind me. But I think that others voiced same preference. :wink:


Nice. Glad to see we have a winner! I’ll take a stab at moving the ‘3’ to the exponential position and see how it looks. Thanks again to everyone for the feedback.



Hi All,
I’d love to be a part of this, let me know if there’s anything outstanding that I can help with.



Well, it’s been awhile and I’ve missed everyone. I had a long vacation over the summer, a death in the family, and just plain ole busy. Life is balancing out and I’m slowing down a little so I thought I’d reach out and let everyone know I’m back in action!

Over the next couple of days I’d like to slowly see where we left off and pick up the ball again.

Hope every one is doing well…
~ Cheers



Welcome back man! Can’t wait to see where M^3 goes!


Thx Man!!! Glad to be back.