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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


@burtlo @NotFastEnuf

I’ll try both of these when I get a chance shortly… have to get back to work for a moment. :slight_smile:


Yeah, go to work! Lol. You’ve done a ton of work on this already and here we are pestering you at the last second. Hahaha.

Just decided…
I’m casting my vote on #4 anyway. Lol. Please take my constructive criticism of #3 with a grain of salt.


FWIW - my submission seems to have been overlooked…NP :slight_smile:


Sorry, I may have missed it.


I vote for the one @chime13 submitted, always been my favourite.

The perfect triangle does it.


I updated my version to reflect a more perfect circle (it’s #4 in the vote). This was originally based off of @chime13 's original design…

so ultimately, somebody with a proper graphics program will have to do it better.


@chime13 - the simplicity of the black on white of your original design had some appeal for sure … When you referred to proper graphics program … was that just for letter spacing as opposed to a complete overhaul?

Wondering if I should close the poll now that we have gone active again in working out the logo till we can get a more comprehensive list. I may have jumped the gun.


Understood, but I still think my entry should have been eligible for voting…
…by “do it better” does that mean I shouldn’t get any credit for the original concept? I received no feedback as far as any suggestions, though I did ask for them. I could have, would have, modified my original to suit our collective tastes.

FWIW - here’s the original.

  • Absolutely! Feel free to add it to the voting list… @NotFastEnuf
  • Credit will gladly be given. :slight_smile:
  • Also, I’d be glad to make any modifications adjustments with any feedback. Just lemme know, I’ve made a couple renditions of this one already.


I could give you this 2D version - if the gang wants something like 3D as far as true rendering and such, someone could obviously take it from there.[quote=“NotFastEnuf, post:267, topic:4165”]
the simplicity of the black on white of your original design had some appeal for sure

So, doesn’t it then deserve to be on the poll? :wink:


Not at all - I was confident in my original design and since I got no feedback, I figured it was suitable for submission. As far as it is - all casted votes must count and shouldn’t be nulled…


Well the construct of the poll here won’t let me add it unless I edited the poll within 5 minutes of posting it. So I may need to close it and start another one. I definitely want your version in the poll. Don’t want you to feel like your toes were stepped on in any way. I think @befreestudios was just taking your suggestion for someone with a more advanced graphics program to work off of your design and that’s how we got logo 4. If you don’t feel it does your design justice or is not totally reflective of your original idea, or you just prefer your original design - then by all means we should include it. Heck it already has a vote!!!


I’ll put a new one together with all the pictures in the same post as soon as I can. My fault for rushing in guys.


LOL, @NotFastEnuf! Parents of infants are saints. No apologies needed. Thank you for all the community organizing you do in between childcare and doing your own building, flying, and canopy molding! :smiley:


Sounds good man… Actually when I get home tonight I want to modify that one with your ideas too. I know the feeling, I have four little girls. It’s like hearding cats.


So got the dvr fitted in tested ok then had a good session last night bout 30 batts and got 95 percent of pure black screen footage after editing what I did catch that was worth using got about 45 seconds of footage so end result waste of bloody time lol any other good ways of recording footage reliably


What did you wire it into? Same receiver you’re viewing or a separate rx?


Same reciever it has two plugs out so one goes to goggles an the other to dvr it works sometimes but not others I think it may be signal strength as I’m using it on 3 whoops and only using auto search so think I may have to tune to specific range each time


If its the same receiver you’re viewing … it should record close to the same thing you see


It should but it’s not nothing wrong with what I see barely any static either but on most the videos just a black screen with bits of footage showing here and there sporadically just another piece of cheep crap electronics by look of it but still can’t justify fatshark prices as they don’t really benefit me with my bad eyesight which is why I stick with the single screen setup plus it’s a he’ll of a lot cheaper lol