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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


Here’s a good example:


Ugh! Just listening to the podcast now. Obviously was just a question of time till Steele got in FAA’s crosshairs. He has a Part 107, so is covered for commercial ops. He also seems to know the regs reasonably well. However, having an attitude never helps when dealing with authorities.

Lesson for MMM: Don’t trespass. Get property owner’s permission. Also read up on FAA regs, incl. Part 101 and Part 107.


If you wanna read a machine transcript of that podcast, to scan things like I prefer, here ya go:



Drone u has alot of useful q and A vids on Youtube that address what’s legal and what’s not also https://youtu.be/91TKrBlSk4Y


Here is my first dvr flight thanks to my friend Zevi for editing and upload https://youtu.be/csdvkNzUCCM



:confounded: ill have to get the clip from him and upload myself was on him for a week just to post that one Lol new to posting videos so this is a learning process for me


Hey, try a downloader like clipgrab.de? Not sure if that would be able to bypass the country regs.


First off, I have to say this is an excellent idea! Secondly, I am late to the party as usual but better late than never. I want in on this :smiley: I also have a little project going and I think what I am doing is going to fit right into the Micro Motor Maniacs Team. I have been away from the forum for about 2 months due to a large project that I am starting for a developer, this would be for my small biz and has consumed much of my time. The other reason I have been away is that I have been involved in building and testing a new AlienFlightNG open source flight card. It is a version made for the Tiny whoop frames and so far I have built 5 of these and been testing them. Out of those 5 there were 3 separate versions. Two of these I built out completely with E010S frames and MMW insane dark edition motors and BoldClash F01 cams. I flight tested both builds for about a week and got some decent video from each. Some of you already know I also run a FaceBook group and what I decided to do was offer some of those members a chance to fly one of these two builds, record video and then upload to a YouTube channel created for just that. These two builds are currently in the possession of the first two participants. @Jtwalkz is one of the participants and I know we have other members here that are also members on the FB group as well like @pilsnerpopper, @chrisdo, @Kamsleo69, @Chaotix etc. I didn’t have time to read through all the comments but I know there are quite a few others.

Other than this project, I have a lot of video from over the past 3 years of all sorts of stuff. I am always down to help when the time permits. I am not really a pro at editing video or flying but I do pretty good with making the open source FC builds.

Very cool idea @NotFastEnuf :smiley: I am in if you guys will approve me as a member :grin:


You’re in brother! Added to the roster. Should I place you under the mad scientists category as you may be a good go to guy when one of us let’s the smoke out of something?


Sure. I am always happy to help when I have the time or skill to do so. I have some video already uploaded from the two whoops that I am sending around to members of my FaceBook group so I will see if I can get those uploaded to the channel. I went ahead and subscribed already.


Great the community is growing my dvr has come just waiting for my 5v dc converter an il be on it so has there been a decision on when the yt page will be officially opened why can’t some of the vids on here already be uploaded on there to get it rolling we have 19 subs already


I think the goal is to have a somewhat professional presentation so it’s taking a little time. Now that our deadline for logo submissions has expired today, @thexboxblaster is hard at work on our intro video compilation and also a shortened clip that will remain private on the channel which you can append to the front of your uploads. We also need to sort of nail down how we are going to do pilot id since we have so many contributors or at a minimum establish the mutual understanding that we will identify ourselves somehow in our clips with either our mmc screenname or personal YouTube channel name (?) Either an overlay or a text insert after the intro clip or whatever your editing skills allow. Its coming soon! Hang in there!


Hey all! Sorry I’ve been slammed this week. However my goal is to get a list of the logos together by the end of the week and then we can start voting! Anyone have any good ideas for how we can do the vote/poll?


I’d say just post em, label em or name em, and open a poll! Take your time, this is all just for fun so no pressure!!!


Good idea or you could open a specific thread just for mmm logos post them all up an we could just vote by liking which ones we like then tally up the likes an boom :+1: maybe? An could do same for intro vid


Sounds Good… I’ll be posting them this weekend hopefully.


Yes!!! This is the place for me. I have a ton of videos and content I can upload and share. I love micros. I have a ton of 90-110mm frames coming and cant wait to build them out.


Yes definitely! Having just watched your wooden E011 video, welcome to the Mad Science division!


Thank you its an honor.