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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


[CONCEPT ALERT] ~ something I’m currently playing with… not sure I like it yet, so feed back is encouraged. Instead I kinda like the direction the last badge style is going…

{Thought to self… the 3 is almost like a clover leaf antenna . :stuck_out_tongue:


The font I used is “Chiller”


There’s a typo in the domain on the logo, you manianc!
EDIT: Love the badge, BTW.


His is a mild mania.


Ha, good catch! I did that on purpose to see if you guys are paying attention. :blush:


So this question goes out to all our content producers on the team … what are you planning for your first uploads? What ideas do you have for content?

I am planning to kick things off with a tutorial series on flashing the new e011 with silverware producing the most aggressive and powerful whoop I have ever flown. 1st video - flash it. 2nd video - tune it and address advanced features in silverware. 3rd video - fly the snot out of it. It’s a beast!!!


I’ll upload some flight footage of my brushless micros! :smiley:


I’ve got two Scisky boards that need new FETS, I’ve never done it, but Shhhh, nobody will ever know🙂


I have personaly found a new spot last week that I haven’t flown already and would be incredible to fly with a powerfull 210 but very risky because deep high and with superb view though.
I have 2 axis of work for my first content that will depend on their succes:

  • Fly that spot with a Tiny brushed whoop to proove that that thing can also do it !
  • Fly with my future 90 brushless on that spot with HD cam onboard (the project is not finished) and give tutorial of it


I need a dvr before I don’t have any quads left flying lol soon very soon


Nice logo, except the typo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
I would prefer the Ms touching each other so there’s a closed triangle in the middle like @chime13’s drafts.

Since I’m away from home till end of May my contribution in terms of videos or the like will be very limited or even 0.
But I love to read and see all your great contributions and work.


Thanks! And thanks for the feedback… I’ll definitely get that typo cleaned up. I’ll play around with nudging those M’s closer together too, the tricky thing is getting the letter-stroke to look right when they are close, but I should be able to make it work.



Howdy Team! We’re setting a deadline on logo submissions to be Sunday, May 7th. This gives us a couple weeks to wrap up any designs currently being working on or thought of. Please post any submissions to this thread and we will compile them all into a vote/survey of some kind after the deadline, so the whole team can vote on submissions.

Also, if there is anyone on the tech/design teams(or anyone for that matter) that still need/want access to the slack channel… feel free to PM me with your email and I’ll get you added…

:beers: Happy Flying


FWIW - if there are suggestions to make for the existing submissions, let us (designers) know. Mine was just a rudimentary 2d, black line design that can be modified (customized) to suit our collective tastes. Just sayin’ :wink:


How many of you are going to Flight Fest West? I was thinking we could all do an in-person meet at the field.


I would but being in San Diego it is geographically undesirable unfortunately… :sob:


Looking forward to our official logo! Already recording top secret footage for the channel!


I need to light a fire under my friends behind I want my video😖 anyone doing any local mmm chapters on multigp or drone squad?


Anybody on Long Island? I have some sick spots on the east end.


Logo submission deadline is this Sunday. Comments on existing proposals, or new proposals, get 'em in!