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Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)


Hey man! I added you to the roster! Welcome to the team. Keep ripping that e011 - you’re doing great with acro. CRay was one of the first guys to jump in over on rcgroups and help me test tweaked silverware versions for the e011!! Glad to have you here.

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Thank you for the kind words.


how can i be a part of this lol im new to the hobby but i think i can hang lol


Of course … you’re in! We have quite a crew now!!!

Hang in there for just a bit and keep collecting footage. We will he opening the flood gates soon!


We should put up a team collaboration videos once we are ready.


@CRayTech, here you go.
Show us your vids! -- The YouTube c.mmw.c Channel

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ALRIGHT FOLKS… HERE WE GO! These are the logo’s I’ve created and ones that have been submitted… let’s get a vote goin’ !!! (If I missed any, feel free to post or let me know)…


Ack, so no review from here? I’m feeling critical, hope y’all don’t mind.

  1. Kinda like it, rated – 3/5
  2. Hate it, too war-like – 0/5
  3. Love it, though it’s stretched wide, odd for a quad layout (so far) – 5/5
  4. Like it more now after edit – 4/5
  5. Like it, though the 3 in the middle of the “M” is off-putting… I’d expect a M cubed (raise to the 3rd), but having it in the middle doesn’t make sense; love the glow – 4/5

If I had to choose one, it’d be #3 today.


i think number 3 would be on the money if the X was more X shaped. I vote for number 3 though, very clean looking. number 4 is my second favorite.

  • Logo 1
  • Logo 2
  • Logo 3
  • Logo 4
  • Logo 5

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I closed this poll and will open a new one with a more comprehensive list of our options. Sorry guys - my fault for jumping the gun. I usually post with a 6mo old in my arms and a 2 yr old trying to knock my phone out of my hands. Needless to say, I’ve gotten good at replacing my phone glass and rushing through anything I post. Later tonight (in between children waking up) I will review the thread and make sure I re-list all options and open a new poll. Sorry again to those who voted.


Cast your votes guys. Remember just because we pick one now to start with doesn’t mean we won’t use the other ones too at some point so they aren’t going away. They are all FREAKING AWESOME!!! This will just be are main or starting one!

Personally I’m gonna have a hard time choosing. Down the road some would be great on a shirt, others on a sricker, maybe a different one on a hat.

… This is so sick!

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Ooo… wait
Made some updates to 4) (my fav :slight_smile: )

  • Updated drop shadow on Ms to be from the top of each letter…
  • Adjusted centering


Absolutely, feedback is welcomed

  1. It’s tough getting the 3 Ms squashed and still looking okay
  2. I adjusted the shadows of the Ms on 4, looks a little better

I actually like #5 the most. However, as @burtlo noted, I’d like to see the 3 raised to the top right corner of the M, as in M cubed.

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  1. Updated

3 is my favorite as it stands. 5 with the M³ type would be even better.
4 I like for coins/coasters/etc. I bet I can 3d print cool coins with those on them.
So I’d say, 3 or 5, and 4


For #3, maybe unsquish the m’s and move the arms of the “motors” in more like the alien 5" frame so they are in an X like logo 5? I like the silhouette of the alien 5" with the long body in the middle and the arms in an x.


Something more like this?


Maybe stack the 3 Ms like a, you know, stack?


I’d move the root of the “arms” even closer and use the original M’s with micromotormaniacs below it all in one line.