Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)

Guys I’d like to assemble a micro motor fpv team and you’re all invited to participate. Flying micro multirotors is really a unique experience compared to the bigger birds and I think it would be great for us to band together and showcase exactly why this is most likely the future of this hobby. Not just because of FAA restrictions but because it opens up so many more flying spaces, is significantly safer, and less obtrusive to the space your flying in. And let’s face it - these things still rip!

So, regardless of your skill level - I invite you to join this team and participate in editing and uploading flight videos, vlogging, build videos, anything micro related. Some of you may be better on the build bench than in the air, some of you may be better at editing, some of you may enjoy talking to the camera about micros, and some of you just flat out rip balls. All are welcome to be a team pilot.

Logistically this is how this will work. I will create a YouTube brand channel and issue management status of the channel to our team pilots. This will allow you to upload and edit as you please. We can explore monetization of the channel as a group and for the benefit of the group (or at least so we can uoload custom video icons). With this format of videos coming from a group of team pilots, subscribers will be able to enjoy a variety of content with multiple styles. That should keep the channel fresh and also promote our own learning experiences from each other. Rules will be simple - don’t break the law or do anything stupid on video & keep your props at or under 3 inches!

NotFasEnuf custom whoop canopies will be the team’s first sponsor and I will allocate ebay earnings to outfit the team in shirts and hats with our name and logo. That will take a little time to accumulate those funds so it will be clear who is participating to be awarded gear. I will also solicit sponsorship from other vendors in the hobby if we kick this thing off strong.

With team participation, I am confident that we could produce amazing content that is more regularly released and better networked than anything we could do working alone. I’ve always wanted to be a sponsored team pilot (even if on a small scale) - how about you?

Ok, that’s my pitch… any takers? We need a name and a logo and some eager participants! Open to voting on a name…

(And yes I feel kind of like an 8 year old kid making up an imaginary club … but it was fun then and seems like it could be now too)


Team Roster:
@Benedikt - Team Sponsor - chief scientist
NotFastEnuf - instigator
Vendra - YouTube SEO
thexboxblaster - video editing - graphic design
eXzez - graphic design
befreestudios - graphic design - web services (development)
littlrussian - web services (development)
vinz486 - Web services (development)
burtlo - web services (hosting)
las - mad scientists (Europe)
Bobnova - mad scientists (USA)
madman1412 - mad scientists
Brainstorm - unofficial legal
joshthebox - content producer
chrisdo - content producer
JBFPV - content producer
nico2nice - content producer
quadlifepro - content producer
pilsnerpopper - content producer
bicyclewrench - content producer
tronaton - content producer
bronco79 - content producer
Liquidtopology - content producer
Kamsleo69 - content producer
chime13 - content producer
@jayodas - content producer
@Banana_Science - content producer
@FloridaQuads - content producer
@Shiftysniper - content producer
@Chaotix - content producer
@iamkaioken - content producer
@Toobsrc - content producer
@CRayTech - content producer
@Velcrofpv - content producer

*All team members qualify as content producers - if you volunteer for an additional speciality - the label of content producer will be dropped just to save space and for organizational purposes.

Name selection from poll post #82 Micro Motor Maniacs


Sweet! Easiest team I ever got on!

…if you’ll have me. :smile:

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That’s a great idea.
I wanna join.
Oh, that means I should get up my arse and do some videos. Little bit lazy and really busy, but that’s a great motivation to produce some media.
I could imagine @Benedikt will support this endeavour too.
@NotFastEnuf you’re pushing things forward.


Ooh, Ooh, pick me, pick me!
Ha ha, nice! I like Micro Motor Misfits, or MMM or m^3.
Time to dust off the DVR and get flying.


That’s a cool name. Tribute to one of my favourite punk rock bands of all times especially with Glenn Danzig on the vocals.
Maybe someone with graphical skills can modify the misfits skull to create a micro quad related logo. Would this cause problems with copyrights?


Sounds good to me and i´m in if you like.

I´m surly no skilled pilot but i have good graphical, musical and engineer skills. Think that can helpfuel for this project.

Nice idea but i think the name of an existing rockband can be problematic. Especially when this project is successful.

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Please define “stupid” - because sometimes stupid ideas are the best and most interesting. :wink:
If you mean by stupid e.g. things that endanger you or others, I agree with you.

I’m not sure whether I could provide anything useful to a youtube channel since I’m not really a fan of all this social media hype stuff. I don’t have a lot of time and lack recording equipment other than the DVR in the Dom v2s. Maybe some DVR footage could be leaked anonymously? :slight_smile:
I surely could give some technical advice and stuff, but I’m neither a native english speaker nor do I like to talk in front of a camera.


@las with your resume you are essentially the real life equivalent of an mad scientist, Hollywood evil genius, or cartoon villain. I am quite confident that with minimal resources and you on the team - not only could we make some great content but actual world domination is a feasible option. You gotta be part of this!

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Excellent! That is very useful especially for some pilots that may have sick skills on the sticks but lack time/equipment/or experience editing. I also like that you say “when successful” - if we play our cards right this will be! Engineering skills are huge too - welcome aboard!

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That’s exactly the idea! I hate elitist stuff and I’m not likely ever going to be selected for an existing crew of pilots. Average dudes like us need a flight team too. The only qualifier to be on this flight team is that you want to and will participate!

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@littlrussian & @chrisdo … I like Micro Motor Misfits too as we are indeed a band of misfits scattered across the globe. If we don’t associate our logo too closely with the punk band - I think that name would not cause us any problems. But we will address selection with a group vote after accumulating a few team pilots! I’ll edit the first post to include a team roster and a list of suggest names from the thread!

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I’ll join! Awesome idea!

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So to summarize how this will all come together … Open enrollment will continue. We’re taking suggestions for name selection to put to a vote. Logo to follow. After that, we can all chime in on content ideas to inspire and motivate each other. (I’m already working on a list).

Currently needed (but not required to join in):
-A name
-Team pilots that specialize in networking / social media
-Team pilots that specialize in website design / maintenance

I’m in!
I like micro motor misfits / M³. Gotta have the small 3 though or BMW may get quite annoyed.

If you were after physical networking that’d be me, but this newfangled social networking stuff… not so much.


Videos could be called 3M Tapes


So less than 3" props only, or 3" props and less?

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Cut it to 2.999", you’ll be fine :smiley:
Or call it manufacturing tolerance.

To be honest, 2.5" quads are just as capable as 3" :smiley:

I vote for 3" max.
The more I think 'bout my misfits skull idea as logo I’d say forget about it. Think it would be better to have a unique logo not some kind of rip off or remix of sth that already exists. But I love the name MMM.

I’m for sure not a social media expert, neither a skilled editor and for sure not that technically skilled as a lot of guys here. But damn f… it. I wanna be a part of that team.
MMC made me use internet forums actively and even made me to join FB which I refused a long time. And this forum and the nerds around here gave me some hope that mankind isn’t completely lost.
Let’s take it to the next level. Scumbags unite :metal::metal::metal:, haha.


I’ve been silent because I had to think about this, don’t want my own channel to suffer :joy:but I could always upload the best video’s to both my channel AND the community channel. Count me in!

I’m leaning towards a different name though, a year ago I had this idea of a pirate like theme, like:

Micromotor Pirates (with logo of skull and a drone instead of skull and bones) YARR!! :sunglasses:
Microquad Pirates
Micro Pirates
Microquad Squad
Micropilots United

btw I’m working on my 3" right now so it would be convenient if I could use that too :stuck_out_tongue:

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