Micro Motor Caps

Does anybody know where to find micro motor end caps? Every motor fails eventually but the only thing that really fails are the brushes inside the cap. It seems like the rest of the motor is still in perfect working condition.

I don’t know where to find caps. I’ve tried reseating caps with properly placed brushes and its a nightmare. I have succeeded but man its not worth the effort in my opinion. Most micro brushed motor aficionados don’t concern themselves with cap/brushed fixes and know the importance of cap/motor protection.

I’ve been through a boat load of motors in my time, but nowadays the cap and brushes are not my concern. My concern lately is hours of operation, because I protect my caps properly.

Brushed motor protection comes in many fashions but your main two objectives are protecting the cap and modding props. You can protect the caps with thread protectors, 3d printed protectors, or frames with bottoms in the motor mount. You also should mod props so the shaft can go through the hub. This way if you crash upside down the prop hub doesn’t push the cap out. You want your prop hubs to bottom out so no pressure is put on the cap. You can achieve this by drilling through your prop hubs or you can dremel off the top of the hub.


As usual great advice @Complacent1

Good advice indeed @Complacent1
I’ve actually gotten pretty good at popping caps off, inspecting, and reinstalling the caps without damaging the brushes. I’d imagine id have to get in contact with manufacturers to get ahold of these things.

We could take up a collection of all our broken ones. I have never been able to get one back on before.

I have attempted to reseat a few caps and succeeded but the overall result is usually 1 of two unacceptable outcomes. 1 the motor works after the surgery but has diminished performance. 2 the motor doesn’t work and you possibly blow a FET due to the fact that the armature contacts are grounding out. @Complacent1 is giving the best advice here on how to avoid that situation and honestly, I rarely blow armature caps and protect the bottoms of my motors with the thread protectors found in most any hardware store unless you are not in the US, it seems that they are difficult to obtain in places like EU.

You would need to speak to Benedikt I think but Chaoli is the manufacturer who produces the motors exclusively for MMW I believe. I think your easier route may be like @user179 says and request that folks send you some of their spent motors. I would bet Benedikt has around a thousand or so spent motors. I know I have at least a dozen sets of spent motors sitting in the bone yard myself. Here is the Chaoli motor factory in action:

Interesting video, it was cool seeing how they’re put together. I think Benedikt went to the right company when he was looking for motor manufacturers. You’re right about the performance being diminished when the cap is reseated, either that or it doesn’t work at all. Replacement caps was a pipe dream. I’ll keep trying though. thanks @user179 a kind gesture as usual.

He also has several other videos of the Chaoli motor factory if you dig into his Vimeo page :wink:

As far as refitting the armature caps go I think we have all hoped that would be possible before trying and testing that idea. On the occasion that it might work, that is the day we should count our lucky stars because it is always hit and miss.

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