Micro FPV Camera Part Swap/Replacement

Can i swap the camera from my existing FX798T (https://goo.gl/c4xasv) to a 800TVL camera (https://goo.gl/Pe4H6x)?

Seperate the vtx and cam of your Fx798t by cutting the 5 pins.
Solder on your new cam to the 3 pins.
Quanum and Fx798t same pin out.

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The quality of image from the fx798 cam is better than the one you link to so there’s little advantage in the swap.


i see. so a higher TVL does not necessarily mean a better image? Also, i’m after the smaller camera size for a low profile mod.

So the camera I split off from a vm275t transmitter (i think 800tvl off eBay) that I fried during first attempt at the mullet mod, and the vtx is from a boldclash b-02(slightly heavier 25mw vtx) that I smashed the camera. I only soldered to the 3 pins on the side, it works great. That’s the 3rd mullet mod I’ve done, it keeps getting easier, but you pretty much need a needle tip for your soldering iron. I got a $9 iron from banggood, works great!


@Quad_Jake What’s the camera mount you are using? I’m thinking of doing the same thing you did.

It’s from Tiny Whoop. I believe for the FX900tw that I couldn’t ever justify spending that much for, just cuz I’m cheap and I’d rather buy a banggood soldering iron and mod as many $20 fpv cams I need😏.
I think that’s it, I had to cut some areas down to make it work. It still holds the cam pretty tight