Micro ESC for brushed motors


Hi all.

I want to build a micro wing using an MMW brushed coreless motor. A couple of years ago I saw on the internet a guy selling tiny boards having a single instance of the same ESC circuitry that is included in one of our typical quad brushed flight controllers.

I do not want to use a “brick” type of setup because I already have a set of micro servos and a receiver.

Can anyone direct me towards either making or buying a single micro ESC circuit for coreless brushed motors?




Three options I’d recommend …

  1. Use a servo control board. A search on you tube or rcgroups will yield tons of results. Drawback is you don’t get full power to the motor … I’d say it will throw down about 90%.

  2. Build a brushed esc with an attiny85 and a mosfet. Requires some arduino knowledge.

  3. The v911 brick is the easiest to build with and cheapest. Probably under 15$. But you’d need a module in your tx to control it.

So the direct answer to your question is to Google search attiny85 brushed esc. But I’d still recommend a brick.



That little wing is still in the air. Tons of fun


Thanks for the tips. My plan is evolving. Now I am considering using a Beef’s Board to make this a four-motor wing using 0820-15s. Motors on the front. Need to program the FC for a fixed-wing setup.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people selling the attiny85 based ESCs.
I have a few attiny10 chips I’ve been looking for a use for forever, maybe I should make a couple. The 10 is crazy small, about the same size as a brushed MOSFET.


i love where this concept is going, please keep us updated! - I am really curious to see this project in its finished form. Such an exciting concept - ive seen wings with 1 motor in the back, but 4 motors in the front? it should be fast hopefully :smiley: fast and agile… very curious to know of what type of flight times you will be getting too.


I’m thinking if I can figure out the mixing, I can use the motors to provide a yaw-axis “rudder” function in addition to their regular job of making forward thrust.

While I really want this thing to be more of a gentle flyer, at this scale just about everything becomes fast and agile.