Micro Buzzer signal lost low voltage alarm implementation discussion Ideas


Wonder how long it would run on that with no smoke signals.
I hear you on the resonance factor.
We just need to find a light buzzer that will work.

This seems to be an affordable simple option,
Only thing I’m concerned about is the weight.


Got that buzzer working now, thanks @pacer56!



Looks good @littlrussian !
I like the auxiliary battery power tap too, very compact.

I have been thinking that a bit more sound could be obtained from these buzzers by connecting one end to the SciSky on-board +5V supply, while driving the other end to ground from the buzzer pin. That pin is 5V-capable so it should work without damage, but it would require inverting the sense of the drive to the pin. I don’t know of a CLI command that will do that. The older Naze32 boards that had a PNP output would have used that logic, but from Rev5 onwards they utilize an open-collector NPN output drive instead, which inverts the logic.


The buzzer plus plug and wire is 1g


I’m too chicken to solder to the chip, so I’ve been working on a way to drive the buzzer from the LED circuit. An LED configured as a “warning” in Cleanflight will blink at all the times I’d like to hear a buzzer (arming, upside down, failsafe, battery, etc.) I have some of the little chips that the addressable LEDs use, and I have some 3-5v buzzers. I’m working on getting them to talk to each other… ultimately the FC should see the buzzer as just another LED.


Yes @Yags it is a daunting prospect but I am going to give it a go on another FC using 30AWG hookup wire and this method of adjacent pin shielding :smiley:


Found this link. http://www.etheli.com/Micro8mmBrushedQuad/
Same implementation of the buzzer mod on scisky. Hope it helps someone, I won’t be soldering those tiny pins with my setup/skills though.


Nice link @MJ-8 Thanks for that


The buzzer used in these common LiPo low voltage alarms looks really small and light and they are pretty loud. I don’t know enough about electronics to know how it works but could it be removed and used for this solution? How would it need to be wired up?


I just wanted to add this here if no one had seen these 9mm Buzzers that are half the weight of the 12mm models.


Ordered some internally driven buzzers from Digikey and weighted them.
Didn’t really do an objective test which one is the loudest.

CX-0905C 0.69g
WST-0905S 0.71g
AI-1027-TWT-5V-2-R 0.74g
ASI09N27M-05Q 0.98g

Weight wise the CX-0905C is a winner, while the others are not really too far away. The last one is an SMD buzzer and the “not so round” form factor makes it easy to mount.


Some news 'bout this Bluetooth Nut tracker.
Decased the pcb completely, desoldered those battery clips.
From 8.1g stock to 5g with battery but without case to 1g pcb only.
Tested it with a 1s lipo.
It works :yum:.

This thing isn’t really loud and range will be limited due to Bluetooth. So not comparable to all those buzzer tinkering you guys achieved. But chances to find a lost quad are better than without it.

Didn’t install it to a flying machine yet 'cause I need a second plug on my FC(s) to power it.
Stay tuned. Updates will follow (sometime).

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One step further.
Soldered a jst1.25 connector onto the tracker and the counterpart to FC.
Finished for today. Bedtime now.
Update will follow tomorrow.


Nice hacking there @chrisdo

We love people who ain’t afraid to void warranty’s :slight_smile:


Would have been handy to have on the Runcam I lost today on it’s maiden flight.


That has got to hurt @Denovich. What exactly happened


Oh damn! Did it come off in flight somehow or did gravity get you, and it was lost in a crash?


Came off in flight. Fogot to add a tether. I was flying the race track we setup at the golf course… So I was covering a lot of ground. No idea when it might have come loose. All I know is thaf it wasn’t attached at the end.

Searched for about an hour with help from some of the others. Went back in the evening with a flashlight. But the same result.

Hate losing stuff. I’d have rather destroyed it.


I know. Broken is definite, lost is a well “damn, that is balls” sort of thing…I totally feel the pain,


My commiserations on your loss @Denovich.
Lost a Mobius which was velcroed under my 200qx while flying over high grass. After long time search I was very happy to find it.
Now I always secure it with a leash.

Finished my Nut hack today. Put a layer of liquid electrical tape on the underside of pcb and mounted it onto my tiny hawk.
Also replaced the whip antenna with a BG cloverleaf, fattie jr. instead of mc900 and added a velcro strap to hold my battery.
This thing is heavy now, but hit exactly 65g battery included (or little less depending which lipo in use).
No time and a lot of wind today, so outdoor test is delayed.

Could save some weight with direct wiring, but want to keep everything modular. Also could shorten the antenna a bit. But who cares :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.