Micro Buzzer signal lost low voltage alarm implementation discussion Ideas


You are more than welcome :wink: Glad that what I have been doing has some use for the community and the whole battle with the digikey, mouser and element14 took quite some time running around each one looking at stuff to get how it all works, still not easy but I got a good knowledge of how to look up the parts and narrow the searches by eliminating the obvious and getting down to narrower selection. That can be somewhat frustrating if you only have part of the info. Knowing a components specs makes it fairly straightforward but searching for items that you only know partial specs on is very difficult and very time consuming not to mention just a guessing game. I probably spent a day’s worth of time looking for a zener diode that is found on the nQX. I found what appeared to be what I need but no solid confirmation till I use it really although I did seek technical advice on that and was given some parameters of what to look for. If I was a little more educated in how the circuitry works like some electronics engineering comprehension I am sure that would make it all a little easier too. I saw that these buzzers go down to 8mm size I think? That is just a little bigger than the atmega or stm32 used on the FCs. I look forward to see how this goes for you :wink:


Let’s revive this thread… I’m looking for a good lightweight cleanflight/betaflight compatible buzzer to be used on a brushless build. Did anyone of you find and tests any fancy micro buzzers that meet the requirements (~3V and oscillator in the buzzer included - I think)?


I just ordered some of these. I left them off my last digikey order. Should be here in a few days. I think I’m going to need a FET to drive them. I’ll post weights when they arrive.


Got these today:



I got two others also but these are the cheaper of the 4. Only difference I could see was higher operating temp. Like in the 150 F range.


So are they just driven by pure battery voltage as opposed to some micro controller signal like PWM or the like and how loud are they please @user179

Any chance of a video at all? :smiley:


I think they need a MOSFET like you were doing. I plan I following in your footsteps and I’ll make a video, but I can’t do it after the first weekend in March. I’m stocking up for some projects I have on my list. When I saw you get the buzzer code working I knew I was going to have to get some. Hate spending time trying to find a micro in the bushes.


Just ordered:


I better get off my backside and tidy up that buzzer info for you then @user179


I’ve been following this thread. I’m curious to see how it works. Good luck!


Did you guys find any solution? I like the tile clone idea but guess to heavy for our micros…


@chrisdo Whatever happened with your bluetooth tracker? Did you ever conduct any experiments? Will it run on 3.3v?
Did you mount it on a quad?


I thought about this randomly last night. When working on brushless builds the ESCs beep. Must be some small smd buzzer on the ESCs, right? Maybe we can find out what they use?


It’s frustrating that this seemingly simple problem isn’t solved already.


I just got a kind of crazy out of the box idea for this:
We use the LED output and wire it up to an LED.
Then we can make a light activated buzzer that is optically coupled to the LED like described here: http://learningaboutelectronics.com/Articles/Light-activated-buzzer-circuit.php
I think we could source all SMD components to make it as light as possible.
One would just need to experiment with the LED strip config in cleanflight to come up with something that would be a valid trigger.
I am so going to try this once I get a buzzer!


If I remember correctly I might have thrown a random buzzer in your care package. Not 100% sure but I think so. Nothing small enough for a micro but good enough for testing.


@littlrussian I didn’t experiment with this nut tracker yet. So many other things to do.


@User179 has received some SMD buzzers that he was going to test after his work commitments quitened down a bit


I would say the work commitments ramped up more than they have ramped down. :frowning: However, Spring is in the air and I want to build a park flyer with a buzzer so he doesn’t get lost. I need to get back to it or I’m going to miss flying season. I’ll let you guys know how it goes!


That’s the spirit.

All work and no play makes @user179 a sad fella :smiley:


I like this.

> I have a Loc8Tor22 tracker stripped of it’s case (1.42g with buzzer) on my FPV quad and it helps me to find my quad every time I fly the God damn thing :smile:

Are you powering the locator from the battery it came with?
This is expensive yet light.