Micro Buzzer signal lost low voltage alarm implementation discussion Ideas


That is out of the casing that it is 2g? I have looked at the tile and many other GPS locator chips such as the loc8tor. I think what I found was at best 8g on a gps locator chip so 2 grams is very acceptable and specifically with LOS which realistically would be how we would end up loosing a quad vs FPV where you can have a video record of where you had an emergency landing. I always record the FPV for that reason and had a hard lesson in making sure that cables are good and not turning off the record before unplugging goggles when I lost a 250$ set up because of my crap wire harness. Lesson learned :pensive:


2g with the case


Okay, since we went away from implementing low voltage alarms anyways…
It’s about pinning down the location of your lost quad:

For the FPV case in which you still have an “OK” video signal… Maybe some of the following works:

Let’s imagine you have a diversity receiver with a helical (directional) and omnidirectional antenna - you should be able to figure out the rough direction of your quad by turning around until the receiver switches between omnidirectional and directional. If that’s not enough - a single receiver with RSSI measurement + directional antenna should do it - just run into the direction with the highest RSSI. Since I don’t have a helical antenna here yet I can’t try that right now.

Regarding RSSI: At least the FR632 diversity receiver has pads on the PCB where you should be able to simply solder some wires on. Maybe attaching something like this voltage meter from BG could be cool.

Weight: 0g on the quad.


Hey can I clarify the weight of the tile @Rookrider ?
On the website it says it weighs 1.3 ounces which is 36.85 grams. https://www.thetileapp.com/faq#Technology


I asked the seller of tile about weight.
Answer was “as much as a writing pen”. Whatever that means :question::roll_eyes::question:
Anyone has seen this? http://www.banggood.com/Mini-Smart-Patch-Alarm-Tag-Bluetooth-GPS-Tracker-Locator-For-iPhone-Android-etc-p-988462.html


my friend just gave me a tile today. Very light. Not sure micro light though.


Any progress on this @Complacent1 ?


Still sitting on the burner. I got the onboard LED to flash which tells me that portion of the code works. But its constantly flashing when armed instead of only flashing for the low voltage warning. I kept checking with the multimeter to monitor the voltage and tried moving a variable in the code to get it to sync with the voltage the battery is putting out, but no luck yet.


I emailed tile support asking them the exact weight in grams of device only, no cardboard packaging etc.
Anyone have one and mind quickly popping it on a digital scale? I lost my quadcopter today which hurts… looking for a future solution


All you had to do was ask…


That’s quite heavy for our beloved micros.
Is it possible to strip down this thing?


dont really know… havent had the urge to try and break it yet. its pretty self contained.


Hmmm. Maybe stripped down and the battery removed and connect it to main power with a regulator would make it worth while as far as weight goes?


We found voltage monitoring is not as useful as on larger gear. The voltage drop during slightly harder maneuvers is quit large for our small 1S operated copters. My AlienFlight Octo with monitoring and an 1100mAh battery is already warning from very beginning of the flight. I stopp flying mostly on time here an set an alarm in my Devo10 TX. Here the voltage monitoring is already fastly blinking.


I’d settle for a remote controlled buzzer instead of having to figure out the low voltage issue. I’m more looking for lost model rather than where to land.


I agree. I know its bad practice to run your lipos low, but since I’ve been flying aliens most of my “career” I’ve become very adept to feeling the voltage sag and bringing it down for a battery swap.


Yup, I baseline my lipos and rely (LOS) on my TXs timer. Usually fly upto 1minute below baseline to be safe.


thanks @procreate for weighing it! (btw the tile support dept deferred it to the technical department… still waiting lol)
interesting idea tying it into the main battery to save weight @Complacent1

another thought. you know those noise makers that come in gift cards that do the birthday tunes? the really cheap ones, where it is really thin, light and papery. any chance of getting one of those hooked up?


Banggood version of tile had a price reduction and seems easy to open and strip down.

Don’t know if I should try it or not.


Nice spotting @chrisdo

I just bought one! I’ll report back here and let you guys know how it goes :grinning: