Micro Buzzer signal lost low voltage alarm implementation discussion Ideas

Well I was trying to find a specific thread about this important issue. since i am new at this no “toy” micros
I don’t know what is going on with this topic.

Flying my Alien LOS I have had many turn off of the quad for different issues. Little crashes, props bouncing on stuff, battery no strong enough for the task etc…

So I am very concern about this happening when I will be doing FPV outside on the wild LOL

This little thing are pretty hard to find in a lush garden so I would really love to have a buzzer that I can trigger with the TX

Someone has successfully implemented this on the alien and other small FC?

Can we try to do it if this is not the case or is it a lost cause?

I must say I love the software of this forum, KUDOS Benedikt!

I tried for about a month to implement this and exhausted all avenues of inquiry but had no luck :slight_smile: It can be done but no one with the coding skills seems to be too interested. I did get some way with the project but have hit a brick wall for the time being. There is definitely the ability to do this in Multiwii but the problem is accessing a digital out pin on the Atmega32u4 micro controller on the :alien:Wii. If someone was skillful and brave enough to solder a wire to an unused pin on this chip it could be done in software. Here is the thread where I did make some progress and I still hope to return to this one day and give it another shot.

This thing is so important I wish I had the knowledge and skills to be able to help in some way.

Also all the bluetooth or key finder are to bulky and heavy for this little birds :frowning: I need a dog LOL

Pedro, I just read that thread. In my mind you got it working. If the LED connected to MISO is blinking on and off when you activate the buzzer channel switch this would indicate it is receiving pulses of voltage. If you attached a buzzer wouldn’t it start beeping?

I haven’t tried it yet because I didn’t want to add extra weight to my micro, but I do see that the latest version of the Beef’s Brushed Board - v1.2 has a solder pad on the bottom that is labeled as “beep”. I’d suspect this means you can hook up a buzzer / beeper. The only caveat is that you’re using a AlienWIi.

[quote=“Complacent1, post:4, topic:580”]
If the LED connected to MISO is blinking on and off when you activate the buzzer channel switch this would indicate it is receiving pulses of voltage
[/quote] @Complacent1 no this was just random flashing but not instigated by the switch unfortunately Qoute from MW forum “I wired an LED between Miso (LED anode) and ground (LED cathode) but there is no switching or illumination of the LED. There is however random flashing of the LED”

offbyone on RCGroups used one of these pins (miso or mosi) as digital pins to drive a RGB LED with a WS2812 control IC built in Unfortunately he has not posted on RCG for nearly a year so I could not question him fully about how he did that. I even contacted Dave Woods and Benedikt to see if they could put me in touch but no joy there. There is a Github link to his code and I did much around with it a little but sadly my coding isn’t even up to par with my piloting :slight_smile:

It is doable and I have not given up, just another back burner job and like @madman1412 I have plenty of them.

@MultirotorGo I have a Loc8Tor tracker stripped of it’s case (1.42g with buzzer) on my FPV quad and it helps me to find my quad every time I fly the God damn thing :smile:

OMG that thing is expensive! Yea I know probably a quad cost that much too so if it get lost you are expending the same.

I forgot about striping , maybe I should digg again on the Chinese bluethooth thing and then strip them this one is only $9 http://bit.ly/1QDFMbu instead of $80 only problem is only 30 to 50 mt

But with the help of a DVR and flying in familiar place should do it for now.

Until the Alien give you a dream with the answer on how to solve the buzzer issue

Ohhh that’s what I missed.

Back Burner jobs… I like that term. I have way too many!

One of my burner jobs right now is the LED low voltage warning code on AlienWii. A similar situation. I did the code and the LED just blinks constantly instead of only when it should warn me of low voltage. Sigh.

This thing is interesting but is for 2s 3s http://bit.ly/1MpYzTg

Multifunction More Than One Light Control Low Voltage/Runaway/Missing Alarm Board

Did Oscar chew on them props? haha looks like they have been through it :wink:

A micro quad with FPV can easily cost more than the $123 AUD that the tracker costs :smile: MMW motors and a Carbon Micro-H fame is around $100 AUD and that’s with no FPV

@Complacent1 is that ctzsnooze’s method ? Adam knows Chris pretty well and he may be able to help you.

And yes @madman1412 Oscar loves the green one’s :four_leaf_clover:

Sign me up for good search and rescue solutions.

I just arrived home from a rather long search and rescue mission (30min with a ridiculously strong lipo powered LED lamp - good that I bought that thing 2 weeks ago, just saved my day) in a 1m high field - exhausted but I found it in the end. Better than any other sport.

biggest problem with micros on crashing is finding the damn thing! even my mini i need the beeper on it sometimes. i have spent up to half hour before looking for my micro in a baseball field :scream:

i use tile as a tracker and then i take the case off and it is really light

Tile? what is that?

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Maybe he is referring to this tile locating product.

yeah i am it works really well and its water proof and crash resistant with the case and it weighs very little

How many grams is it?

If its not to heavy this might be nice as a unit that could be moved between micros that you attach only when flying in the woods or other places that would be easy to lose the quad. You could zip tie it the battery plate or maybe vut nothes in it and just use rubber bands.

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When I first got my cross08 and AlienWii I went out to a state park that has an RC field after flying it a bit. Well I drifted off and was loosing LOS so I put it down. This was out in the middle of a 5 acre field with ankle deep grass and slight depressions. I was there just about an hour before the park was going to close and spent an hour frantically searching to locate the Alien as the park ranger was making rounds to clear the park I finally found it.

On another occasion I was flying in the back yard LOS. Drifted into the neighbors yard and caught a very tall pine in another neighbors yard watched it fall went directly over to get it and could not find it. My neighbor and I looked for 45 minutes or more hacking brush out of the way. Next day he went out with the metal detector searched for another hour nothing. I went back over the following day and started looking again but this time started digging where I knew I saw it fall and sure enough I see the frame after kicking around in the brush that was cut down the first day we looked.

The last one I lost and it hurt more than the LOS ones. Full FPV and SOSx 110mm wasp along with a narrow classic alienwii :frowning: Lost signal while flying into the overgrown field behind me, crappy wiring job I suspect but total snow as soon as I flew through the opening in the cedar trees to that lot and I panicked thinking I lost signal due to the trees. I maxed throttle and waited for signal, after about 10 seconds I had nothing so I cut throttle and ran to the opening in the trees. started looking while looking through the goggles for any signal nothing. So I had to run back in and get shoes on so I could reallyu have a look around. Forgot to shut off the record and unplugged the goggles! Damn it! Corrupt video file so no review. Not that it would have mattered it would have been far away from where I lost signal in 10 seconds of max throttle. So I looked for that probably hour and a half the first night and waited till dark which was about an hour later to go look for the blue LED nothing. Looked several more times gridding the entire field nothing. Passed out some flyers to surrounding neighbors still nothing. So somewhere out there is a 250$ quad waiting to be found, I do not so much care about anything other than the FC though, all the other things are easy to come by.

Velcro is your friend :wink: @Complacent1 haha

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it weighs about 2 grams which is ok and it serves its purpose well and i use velcro on it on my carbon h and reggae

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