Micro build live stream

Its not me but someone is doing a live stream micro build in a few hours. Thought some might be interested.


Yes Bulbufet’s good to watch. I’ll be checking it out.

I saw that. Its Bulbufet. He seems like a nice guy. Some people weren’t too happy with his DIY CP antenna live build, but I enjoyed it. Gotta give the guy slack, it was his first time doing it. I like that he seems to like to share his learning experiences to better the hobby. :thumbsup: he is mostly a brushless guy so I’ll be interested to see the brushed micro build he does.

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@Complacent1 that antenna stream was something else. It’s where I got the Idea to get the paired mushroom antennas and break the cap off the vTx side becuase it’s a thicker gauge wire compared to the slimmer Banggood clover leaf.

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Interesting. I use the BG antennas and they are pretty freaking sturdy. How much of a weight difference is there? I assume you are removing the sma/rpsma adaptor and direct soldering to the vtx?