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Micro Brushless Whoop


Hey guys, I’m looking for a frame small enough to fit 0703 sized motors for my new build. Anyone know of any? I’d rather it be that carbon fiberish looking material that is used for regular sized drones.

Thanks for all who can help


You should have a look at the Rakonheli Delrin frames https://www.rakonheli.com/rakonheli-delrin-carbon-66mm-brushless-whoop-kit.html


The beta75 brushless version as well. Not too sure about just the frame.


Ok, so I’m looking at the plastic Beta75 frame, if I crash too fast would it crack


Would this be able to fit a 28.5 x 28.5mm FC?
If not, what size FC would it hold?



That is the way to go with 0703 motors:

I build it few day ago with betafpv frame and will swap to bigger props and different frame asap.


No its 16x16


ok - is there any fc or anything i could easily just put on?

and thanks


Any 16x16 4in1 ESC and FC should work, dont take my word for it since i dont have one. It probably wont be a easy build like a whoop usualy is.
I like the Teeny1s 16x16 stack for 1s and Super_S for 2s.
Maybe you should go for the BetaFPV or Beecore AiO Whoop FC and BetaFPV 75 frame and motors with plugs if you want an easy build.


Ok thanks for the advice