Micro Brushless Frame Midge 100

Here is my newest brushless Frame wthh tiltable cam mount and prop guard.
MTM: 100 mm
Recommended AIO Cam: Foxeer 977 or 978
Battery: 2S 350 mAh
Motor: 1103 8000 KV
ESC: 6A or better
Props: 2535

Hope you like it



I like it. What program are you using to design and assemble everything? I’ve been using Autodesk Inventor for a bit now and while it can be a bit frustrating figuring out how to do things the way you want the end result is really nice. That camera mount looks interesting, it’s cool that it provides some protection for the camera.

Where do you end up getting your frames made?

Merry Chrismas

I finished this construction and present some pics and details.
Some modificatoins were made and this is the final status.

Dimensions: 145 mm x 145 mm
MTM: 100 mm

Weight of the components:

Frame: 28,20 gram
ECS support plate: 2,70 gram
Camera holder: 2,35 gram
Antenna protector: 1,35 gram

Recommended parts:

FC: Pico BLX or similar with 20 mm x 20 mm mounting holes
ESC: 6 A or 4in1 with 20 mm x 20 mm
Cam: Foxeer 977 or 978. Eachine TX01- TX03 works, if the PCBs from Cam is isolated from the Cam holder
Motor: 1103/8000 KV or 1102/7500KV

I use TurboCAD professional. This software works well.