Micro Motor Community

Merry Christmas to this awesome Community!


I wanna take a moment to wish you all #tinywhoop community a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a lot of LOVE and HEALTH !:santa::facepunch:

Here a montage i did with my son today , sadly the SANTA CLAUS wasn’t there but i had my SantaWhoop so i sent it over the MALL !

I think this is the kind of Video that our Famous whoop creator Jesse Perkins would like to see more often so here mine !

Oh also i wanna say a huge thanks to @NotFastEnuf to bringing this awesome firmware Silverware NFE without it , it woudnt be possible to enjoy brushed build like we all have now !!

Wish i had better equipement but i do what i can with my gears and i still enjoy it !!

Huge Thanks to every single people who followed my video and watched me improving my skill over the YEAR !

If ever get a tons of Likes i might do a Giveaway , 1 boss handmade NFE for one of the lucky guy here !

Love you all !
Keep Whooping !
Tarkusx FPV


Thanks Kevin, and merry Christmas to you and everyone else here!

I’ve been eyeing the led decorations around my local mall for days now and finally went there with my whoop this morning at 6am but the cheapskates turned all the leds off over night :frowning:


Merry Christmas everyone.

I got my christmas present just in time :smiley:
A nice mailing Box from Australia! Thanks Benedikt


Merry Xmas to you too ! You should whoop at the boxing day xD


Merry Xmas !


In my time zone it is Christmas Eve. Anxiously awaiting tomorrow for any possible micro quad loot.:smiley:


Funny story, I went back there after sunset, started flying at 17:59 and they turned off the lights again at 18:00 - such luck! :man_facepalming:t2: I put together a small edit but it would be way cooler with those LEDs at 1:28 being on… I think you can even see in the dvr how I am not enjoying that second part because it’s all dark and crappy :frowning:


The last part of your video would be a crazy awesome place to freestyle


Yeah, this part in particular is perfect for some micro freestyle action. But I’d love to freestyle the whole mall with my 5" too :grin:


Got a Beebrain lite, some 6x15mm 21600 and 25500kv motors, two Cockroach frames, lots of props, a micro charger, a FrSky pocket transmitter, and TinyWhoop.com Tiny Goggles for Christmas, thanks to my wonderful family. Been flying almost all day today.


Lmao it would be crazy and epicness ahahaha !


Thats awesome FPV friend !!! You are set for 2019 !!! oh yea