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May 2018 current best indoor quad?


I’m looking for a new indoor set up. I’ve owned an Eachine whoop an Inductrix pro and various scratch build. I’m currently considering a MMW 7x16 or a BetaFPV brushless 65. I’ve been out for a while. By all means school me!

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Indoors you would be best to go for a 6mm or 7mm brushed whoop build. The brushless will be too much power unless you are flying in a large indoor space. Benedikt has kits for around 100$ although at the moment he’s sold out of the AIO/FC combo.


Have you flown any of the 1s brushless stuff? I’ve flown a few smaller 2s brushless quads and I would agree though it felt like more of a mass issue to me. The numbers I’ve seen are in the low to mid 20’s on the brushless beta 65.


Any quad with Silverware NFE edition on it.

NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


I’m currently flying a Happymodel snapper7 brushless 1s (awful name I know) but it’s surprsingly good espeically compared to earlier efforts like the beebee66.

In saying that I’d recommend @JBFPV’s build - E011 with sliverware and an TX01s. Super cheap with money left for better motors and more batteries. I need to get of my backside and find a module for my tx that works and a USB thingee to flash the board.

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I ended up ordering a 7x16 from Benedikt. Right now I want something I know I can expect to fly with great service to back it up. Keep the suggestions coming though… It’s time to build up “The Hill Billy Flying Circus”!


A small lightweight brushless would be alright for indoors, like one that is close to the same weight as a brushed whoop. That 7x16 will do nicely for inddor flying and is pretty peppy so will be exciting enough to fly around the home and enough power to fly outside on a mildly windy day. The other great thing about the brushed builds is they are nearly indestructible. At least the 6 and 7mm I know are because I have thoroughly bashed the crap out of mine which also included sinking the 6mm build in the river a few times last year :wink:


I still want to try the smaller brushless stuff in the future but so far the only reason I’ve found is the theoretical longer life of the motors. My 2s brushless stuff has been more powerful but also of enough mass they don’t make great smaller space fliers.


I’ll give you one more. Turtle mode. :grin:


I like the Qx95 from Banggood. I installed the Project Mockingbird settings and got amazing control. It flies better than my brushless micros because it’s so light. It really doesn’t drop out of the air as quickly or require as much power to pop back up. The Tiny 6 and Tiny 7 are also great brushed micros but don’t have an OSD.


I’d also like to know if anyone here flies a betafpv 65mm brushless. Are they still using the rubber band battery holder and what sort of flight times can be had with the 0603 motors? They say 2:00 minutes and also 5:40 in the motor comparison table (perhaps just a hover for that one). Bit confusing - 2:00 minutes is a no go for me. But really want a micro brushless.

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I wouldn’t be too worried about flight times. It seems like longer flight times come with bigger batteries which translates to more sluggish movement. I find that my best micros are all around the 2-3 minute mark. You can buy quality batteries for about 5 bucks each. You can just fly more packs if you want to increase your stick time.


So I got my MMW 716 in the air last night. A few notes:

I boneheaded and didn’t order the “Brain kit” thinking I already have cameras so I missed out on OSD for now.

I ordered 205 batteries which give me adequate flite times but…

It hovers in the bottom 25% of stick.

It’s SOOOOO much better out of the box than the Inductrix pro I was flying.

One should ALWAYS have a Whoop to fly. It’s the most fun I’ve without protective equipment and risk to life and limb.

I juat discovered the Mockingbird project so I’ll be checking that out. I also keep seeing references to Silverware which is something else that needs looked into. For crying out loud, take a few months off and look what you miss!


I have never flown a Betaflight aircraft. Really wanted to, but then I stumbled into Silverware and the NFE branch. I always wanted to hold the costs down. And I have no doubt that Silverware is the best bang that you can get for your money. It’s a magic spell which makes your toys badass hunters. :grin::sunglasses:
If it ever gets a similar config design as BF has it will conquer the brushed world in no time.

BTW with 716 19.000kv motors I get 3 min 20 sec of flying from 260mAh GNB LiHVs.


Just got the eachine US65. What a blast; indoor size and safety (doesnt hurt the cat if you actually catch him) but with brushless power. Dont think i’ll ever go back!