Max Rate Question for Brushed


Well said! I upped my rates when I first started, but now I want more precision so I’m lowering my rates slowly.

For some reason when I dropped my brushless rates from 1200 deg/s to 800 deg/s I did feel my quad move slower during flips (I had to hold it at max stick for longer to flip).

I’d love to see these! It makes sense what you were saying about max rate in the physical system vs the software. I wonder what (in general) is the max rate of each physical system. Like I assume a 5” quad can flip faster than a 615 brushed quad.

Btw these are my current rates for brushless. For brushed I prefer a lot slower since it’s more proximity flying around my house.


I set three profiles on my tx, the first with the high rates, second with the race rates that Justin Skinner uses (.40, .27, .74, no expo) and third his freestyle (.79, .79, .74, 0.)

For some reason when I had the switch on for high rates the timer audio was silent but not so when on race rates, so I left it there and found that, at the beginning, it felt sluggish but as I got used to them I find that I handle racing around areas quite well and it responds well to when it gets a bit faster than I am used to and I have to “duck and weave for dear life” until I can get it slowed down and stop gritting my teeth.


Gritting your teeth I do that also when I flying fast lol same thing when I ride my CBR in the mountains . I went to using a mouthpiece for like football . Anyone else do this?