Man ! Might change my mind about these

Way more poppy than i though or i might just be lucky on this batch … but damn ! Few more motors coming up so i can test even more and see !


Those 0603 motors surprised me in how fast they seemed in comparison to the 0802. I have sets of both, 0802 in 19000kv by I think HappyModel, and they are nuts for power, and good on battery too. I have a set of 16000kv Bold Clash 0603 that I have not yet put in a model, but now I’m thinking that they’d be the perfect brushless 65mm whoop motors for indoor house racing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 0716 coreless for just about all indoor ultra micro builds, but for brushless, it’s looking like the 0603 size would be it’s equal, or maybe 0703 would make for a happy medium, have a set of those in 19,000 untried. But my 0802 19k motors have been getting all the use of my brushless 1S motors. Getting into 110 size 2 and 3S, have all components for two builds, but I’ll be a 1S indoor flier forever with a little 2S mixed in there. Looking for a second set of different motors and a new FC and ESC and maybe frame. Wanna have another cool thing beyond 1S for inside during the all too near unflyable outdoor weather. Today is actually a building day for me and I’m about to step outside and see if it’s flyable as well…

But NICE video man. I DO need to ask, are those in fact 1S builds as the motor sizes and KVs suggest? I am surprised at the speed and smoothness of the 0603 set you have…

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Here from Today another run with 0603 ! ( I flew back to back my 802s vs 603s and for some reason i went back to 603s …as your said 716s 19000kv was dope and this is probably why im getting in love with these tiny one … should get more type of motors next week for more test . Oh and Thank you btw man !

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I’ve been moving onto a lot of brushless at the moment simply due to lack of brushed FCs that are non BetaFPV whoop boards or the Furious Nukes, which I have yet to get one to work properly. I DO love both the MMW 0716 17,500kv and the Beta 19,000. IMHO, they are the ideal indoor brushed can motors. They do all I want and more than a 6mm, and are simply just as powerful, but easier on battery than 20mm length 7mm cans. And the weight distribution in a whoop is simply ideal, and in a Dromida Verso or Kodo frame, well… yeah. We seriously do need more brushed F4 flight controllers on the readily available non totally DIY Alien Flight market. Betaflight is working to do away with support for F3 chips and I simply like how easy it is to swap out a motor etc for an ultra micro brushed indoor quad. Brushless is a fair bit more pricey for me, especially being in Canada with much less of a selection and not nearly as accessible if I DO want something off Ebay or Amazon. The cost of shipping is NUTS from the US now and takes just as long as if it were from frickin China.

That being said, I can simply drive to the RotorQuest store, but this morning when I placed my order I just had it shipped because I don’t feel like driving and UPS shipping is about the same as the cost of fuel plus I can do other things than go on a 2 hour each way road trip. Feeling sleepy today so yeh…

But I’ve gotten into the 110X sized BL motors. Gonna try a set in a whoop soon on 2S and see how that goes for my indoor flight fix. Have a couple other FC stacks for more powerful non whoop style builds because I like the traditional X and H shapes as well. One will be on 3S so… well, was intended for outdoor but I gotta solder her up before it gets truly cold… and we shall see how she flies inside this winter… Gotta get FPV gear that can get through my walls and floors easier lol… I do love how I can simply tame everything and fly in level with stuff that is nuts powerful for indoors… And yea, I chopped off two of the blades on my 31mm whoop props on my 0802 and yeh… hit the throttle, not even hard and straight to the ceiling… brought back the total noob with fixed pitch Blade hell days XD :zipper_mouth_face::flushed:

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