Low throttle power

Hello first greetings to all … I wanted to make a query that I do not know how to solve … I bought a 2 inch and to keep it in the air at a height of 1 meter I need more than 80% of the throttle lever, do you know how I can solve it? ? Thank you

Diatone 2019 GT R239 R90 This is the drone

Hello! It will be hard to tell exactly what the problem is without proper analysis. But the least I can do is give you some pointers and bump your post in the process.

I’m not experienced with that particular quad but hovering at 80% should indicate a serious problem because I think it should have a lot of punch. There can be a bunch of reasons but the first things I would look for is the things that power the quad. Batteries, battery lead, motors.

What battery are you using, is it charged (check the voltage) have you tried with another battery?
Are all the motors spinning freely when turning them by hand?
Inspect all the wires from the motor to the FC for bad connections.
Inspect the main power lead connection on the FC.

If all seems physically ok you could have a look in betaflight to check your receiver settings.
As you said the word ‘drone’ I take it you are new so please take your props off when you connect the drone to the computer / never plug in battery when connected to the computer with props on!
It is possible your radio settings are not correct e.g. 80% stick does not tell the quad to go all the way up the channel. But let’s not complicate things.

Check the physical things first; battery, connections, motors.


thanks for answering and you’re right i’m new to this jjj, i have continued to fix it a bit by raising the middle throttle and Expo throttle … i use 3s batteries of 450 mh … if i have noticed that in betafliht the throttle bar does not reach me to 2000, it stays in 1850 … can it be the cause ?? sorry for my English, I’m using the translator, I’m from Spain … thank you very much

The throttle bar needs to go from 1000 to 2000. That will fix your problem.

It can be adjusted in your transmitter, or, it can be adjusted in Betaflight.

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