Low energy drill

My super capacitor drill uses 42 ma a minute ( no load) at 150 rpm

I put 4 motor mo motors https://photos.app.goo.gl/xXbeN8XxSe7xH3N57

with a 2 mm shaft on this

Google Photos

And made the middle move with 40 lbs per inch

using 0.80 ma a minute

the motors I used were the smallest of 3 types of micro motors

there are 2 more models which use low milliamps

I need 4 motors that use low milliamps with 10lbs per inch of torque

to make a low powered screwdriver

Should be simple

I made them work at 8 rpm with the smallest motors

I hope someone can help me pick bigger motors that will make it work faster

if theres a 100rpm 10lbs motors that works at low ma

it would make it so instead of using 12 minutes to get 100 turns it would turn in 1 minute

lots of fun and needed by micro motorsist everywhere

a screwdriver that costs more but uses 52 times less energy than a one motor screwdriver

and it would prove that 4 small motors are better then 1 big motor

thank you