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Lost quads


Hey everybody! This is a place to share all of your stories about lost quads or quads that got stuck someplace where they shouldn’t be. Pictures are not necessary, but are always welcome! I’ll be the first to share, so here we go. I was flying my brushless 130 at a local park, where I lost video. Like a total noob, I didn’t disarm right away. Anyways, after I disarm I go and look for it. Luckily I have a beeper installed, so I could tell what direction it was coming from. After a minute or two of searching, I find that it’s on top of a three story house! It is the end of the golden hour, and I quickly head home. The next day I get off work and ask the owners if I can set up a ladder in the back. They say yes, and I climb the three stories to get it down. Nothing broken, only bent props (go PC props!). It still lives to fly another day. The battery was a 3s down to 3.3v total, and slightly scratched. I for one am glad for tall ladders! What stories do you guys have to tell?


A river due to vtx interference
2 story condos (yes plural) due to newb-ness
2 fly-aways (Hubsans just did not want to stay grounded or bound
Many trees, palm trees, thorny bushes, and most recent,
A beeper-less find in 2 ft of grass behind barbed-wire fencing at a school that happened to be closed.
I run about a 90% recovery rate. hahaha


Rotorx atom,with emax 1306,was flying my isual haunt beginning of summer,hadnt set failsafe on the tx.just gauned height and forward momentum,not throttle just up and forward.i turned of tx but it kept going.

Thought i would go seach for it,couldnt get vtx picture,thought i could hear its motors but couldnt pinpoint as local school traffic kept drowning out the sound then it died!

Hoping now autumn is here,trees will shed leaves and i might find it perched in a tree.


Not the atom! I had a hard time with other sounds as well.


I loved that frame,it was my 2nd quad frame i ever had iirc,it crashed and broke and i repaired it with lolly sticks and epoxy.wanted another but getting cheap frames aint easy so i bought a lantian 130 and put emax 1306 on that and it shifts.

I suppose the look on my face after removing goggles on that day was priceless to some but watching a quad just flying up and over a big park and you on for the ride is something else.


Close call this morning. Flew my 3" on a kamikaze mission to knock my micro out of a tree. At one point they were both stuck. This is what came down after I got the trusty old fishing pole out.

Here’s the view from the 3" seconds before I learned this was a really bad idea


gotta love that Fla. vegetation! Nice Lichens! - hehehe


@NotFastEnuf - If the frame isn’t completely screwed - I’d love to know how it flies without the other 3 ducts…


Yeah… when I hit it with the 3 in - it did chop an arm. I’m gonna print it again tonight without the outer rim of the ducts though. My 6mm ultralight frame is basically the skeleton under these ducts but has a resonance on the rear arms. If I leave the portion of the duct along where the canopy mates … it will probably brace it just enough and give a nice polished look where the canopy meets the frame. This isn’t over yet!



{holdin’ breath]


Well just for you I smacked some hot glue on it and gave it another spin with the other 3 ripped off. It’s a little better - not a ton but noticeable. :wink:
The 8mm ultralight build is definitely faster.


Muchas gracias!


Upon further inspection/cleaning of my mossy mess… it seems the 3" got tangled in left ovet fishing line from the last time I got stuck in the same spot - that’s why it got stuck again. It seems I’m a victim of my own solution. Lol


Ok quick back story whent to do some night flying, as i was flying i seen a kitty so had to say hi and then got my tiny whoops butt kicked. So a couple days later i went to fly real quick and i seen my buddy sittong in drive so i went again To say hi and when i landed i lost video and then i walked down to get it and this is how i find it at front door…
Vid 1 https://youtu.be/ut-LZY7-RiQ
Vid 2 https://youtu.be/GOebJM3bK3M
Vid2A https://youtu.be/8KNl4XI5z4I


Brutal man!


So you mesed with a cat,the cat kicked its ass,you went back to pick another fight and the quad ended up on your doorstep,left by the kitty mafia all bust up as a warning?


Yes some what but he took it to his door step lol, needless to say im not messing with him any more. Welllllllllllll maybe roflmao


Lost an Alpha 110 in a levee. Got some new FPV goggles and applied a replacement pagoda antenna for the dipole that came with it. The antenna was not the right type :-(no center male wire). 50 ft away it got snowy and I turned it around then it went white and I punched throttle for some stupid reason. Then I fail safed it.

I picked up a picture signal but the pack went dead hunting for it in talk grass. Here is the final frame of it’s life.


Flying my tiny whoop last Thursday and crashed on the canopy covering gas pumps, had to wait till saterday to do a rescue mission to retrieve it, luckily only a dead battery.