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LOS acro flip attempt results


Spent lots of time flying today in a nice big open (sandy…) field.
Ended up doing some LOS acro as I was very much enjoying progress in learning FPV acro (it clicked! I can do flips and rolls and stuff!) but I’d killed my vtx antenna when a prop came off (or the cloverleaf leaned over and caught the prop, or something. Dead antenna was the result in any case) so I was LOS time.
Did one, largely by starting nice and high. No problem!
Decided to do the next flip with the proper throttle modulation rather than leaving throttle at hover/cruise.
Got my sticks mixed up and power dove into the ground at high speed.
One of those crashes where you see bits tumbling away from the impact site.
This was the result of policing up the area:

Not bad actually!
Knocked the camera off and filled it with sand.
The battery came out of its rubber band mounts, pulled the FC off its tape, then went tumbling away.
The FC didn’t leave anything important behind on said tape.
Cleaned all the sand off, stuck everything back on, Anne voila! Back into the air!

I’m very impressed by this kingkong 100 frame and it’s ability to not die.



i feel semi responsible for you tearing apart your fpv micro quad lol but I’m glad that everything turned okay in the overall grand scheme of things… LOS is important IMO, but can take a toll on fpv equipment and motors and frames lol … I try to have a separate Los quad from my fpv quad that way I can beat it up and not feel guilty. lol

It is beautiful how simply your machine is put together, and t is beautiful how it can all be ripped apart in a crash but since it is so modular you can basically strap it back together and get back in the air! Loving it!

That frame is sounding fairly impressive for its price! May have to pick one up! :slight_smile:



Yeah… you were involved!
Definitely recommend the frame, with everything spread out in a line like that it’s a very easy build and you have lovely access for fixing things.
With a 600mAh battery and “14.7kV” Banggood motors it’ll do 25mph or so as poorly measured with a measuring tape, video, and stopwatch.
That’s with the left rear motor dying, I kind of dented the top shoulder of the motor shell when I lost video feed over concrete… There might be sand in it too. It sounds terrible!



Yeah I’m really digging that frame… swap out the motor if you can… save the near dead motors for a LOS quad build :slight_smile:

I usually keep my fresh motors for FPV flights, on my fpv micros, and the not so fresh motors get killed off by my LOS quad. That way I can make sure I get my money’s worth out of my brushed motors.



There’s a set of mmw motors sitting here waiting to go in. Don’t remember what speed, fast or faster I think. I’ll have to do that tonight.
Will relegate the current motors to 3d printed test builds.
I wonder if the H8 FCs with silverxxx firmware can deal with 8520 motors…

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I ordered the hobbymate version got the frame for $3 just waiting for it to arrive going to be my first build with a hobbygrade fc