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i’m looking to make a new build as all my other components are starting to fail. does anybody have any advice or recommendations with the parts i’ve picked out? the reason for the flysky receiver is because i have a turnigy evolution that use for liftoff and don’t really want to invest into another transmitter. the reason for the camera is because i like the idea of an OSD and currently silverware doesn’t offer it, as well as the 200mw vtx. everything else fairly standard to me. am i overlooking something? would love a boss frame, but i do not have access to a 3d printer

p.s. been following this forum since about this time last year. when i found out about silverware the nerd in me jumped for joy. i immediately went to buy an stlink and started flashing an e011. several mistakes and boards later i’m up and running. finally invested in an betafpv 65s lite and obviously flashed it over to NFE fork of silverware (even before its first flight). i’ve been on the jelly bean controllers pretty much the whole time until benedikt so graciously blessed me with the tx01 from betafpv that is no longer sold anywhere. since learning about drones i’ve had the wonderful opportunity to teach kids how to fly them (YMCA) and have also invested in a mavic pro to help friends with different creative ventures. i can’t express enough how much i enjoy this hobby and i can’t wait to expand both my knowledge and skills.


Nice choice on the Zer0! I have 2 of them, plus a handful of beta lites and e011c flashed with the most recent NFE with the beta filtering.

Watch those camera mounts with the Zer0. They tend to place the aio right on top of the FC gyro (small square chip toward the front of the board), and in a crash you can break solder connections between the gyro and board. I use a bit of foam tape to protect mine. I also vacuum form my own canopies and hot glue the aio to that so it doesn’t rest on the FC at all.

I have experienced the 200mw setting on another vtx draining my whoop batteries very quickly, but I’m not sure if it was just my gear or not…


No need for the osd capable camera as the zero has no osd features.


thank you @Beegieweejie for the tips! i would have never thought about potentially unseating the gyro, that would have sucked. i was also thinking of getting some of those betafpv canopies to go on top of the camera, do you know if those would potentially get in the way? like, would it all fit? i’m probably not going to set the vtx at 200mw anyway, or if i do, it would be just to test it out. but in any case, i’m very excited to get the zer0, i’m hoping that the new NFE fork is ready by then as people are reporting good things with a bi-blade prop. i was using 3 blades for a while because i thought it looked cooler, but after the stability i experienced with 4 blades, it’s what i’ve been using. i’m excited to test more out in the future.

@SKREAM_FPV sorry, i should have listed the url for the parts instead of the screenshot. that camera actually has the OSD built into, so the flight controller doesn’t need to support it, which is why i want that particular camera. akk makes a similar one also, which might be the one i end up getting because it has a U.FL although no 200mw setting. here’s a link to that https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07917Y2CJ


It only took destroying one aio cam without a canopy for me to realize that I’m the kind of pilot who NEEDS as much protection as I can get. The Betafpv canopies are great. I’ve had to trim the lens opening down lower in the past as they seem to be oriented higher up in those canopies and things didn’t quite line up.

I’m coming from 4 blade props as well, and I will verify- the new NFE beta filtering release with bi blades is amazing! I have almost 30 packs on my 19000kv 716 / 260mah HV set up between two identical whoops and it just totally rips!


FC has to have OSD in order for the cam to display OSD. The camera/vtx combo has an extra wire that allows you to connect it to the OSD of the FC. If you want/need OSD you’ll have to use something other than the Zero.


Aio with osd will show lipo voltage with no connection to fc, this is all most people buying the Zer0 seem to want.


That aio already have a built in osd that shows flight time and voltage.


Not sure how the Zero is designed but you will want to solder that camera directly to the power pads to get a straight reading.


@Beegieweejie i have gone through maybe like 7 canopies, glad to hear it’ll fit. i’m also worried a bit about weight because i use the betafpv 300mah currently and i know that camera is a bit heavier than the normal aio, and i also have the added weight of the flysky receiver


200mW on a Whoop is a bad idea - partially because the VTX is going to throw out a huge amount of heat, and secondly because if you’re flying indoors it does you zero good. In fact, it will likely make things worse because the multipath interference will be much greater. (Think of all those radio waves bouncing off the walls like ripples in a pond). Especially with a dipole, you don’t want to be blasting signals all over. 25mW is going to be more than enough for a Whoop.

I would also not get hung up on the OSD - just have a timer on your radio for about 2:30-3 minutes, and check your battery voltages to make sure they’re at resting voltage after you fly.

The best camera by far is the FX900TW, but it’s ridiculously expensive. If you don’t mind slightly more weight (just over a gram), the FX806TC has the same camera, but has plugged rather than soldered connectors. It’s also currently less than half the price of the FX900TW:

I recommend that camera because it is by far the clearest camera of that size, and I’ve tried just about all of them. None come close to the clarity of the FX806 camera, and I’ve even bought that set just to harvest the camera from it.

You would need a different camera mount, but if you know anyone with a 3D printer, you can print one in about 20 minutes. I use a mount designed for the Zer0 and just keep the camera secured with a little rubber band you use for kid’s hair. ($5 for like 2,000 of them, and they are really handy on Whoops!)

I would definitely get a canopy, as that will help protect the camera and FC. The BetaFPV ones are a little fragile, but they’re also fairly inexpensive.


@WombatControl i will definately have to check out to camera. per chance have you tried the TBS micro cam combo? it looks interesting but it’s verrry expensive


on an unrelated note, does anyone here know if their is a way to flash silverware on linux? i know there are macos tools and sometimes those programs can work on linux (emphasis on sometimes). i recently got off of windows again and don’t want to miss out when NFE has a new official release