LIHV charger that doesn't require balance plug

Title sum it up. I need a new charger capable of charging LiHV.
I know some/many of these require connection of the balance plug even for standard charging.
This is not acceptable for me. I’ve moved charging outside and don’t care about any potential risks.
Can anyone recommend a specific charger that can charge up to 4s LiHV w/o balance plug connected?

I have been using a Turnigy Neutron 80w (doesn’t require balance plug) but it’s become unreliable and no longer measures voltage properly/consistently. Don’t really want another.

Looking at a Venom Pro Duo Dual but don’t want to drop almost $100 and have to return it. Any recommendations/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The iSDT-608 is a 150W, cheap, small, LiHV-capable, easy to use/read charger that will charge unbalanced without grief. All you need to do is click OK, to confirm you want to charge without the balance cables.

It’s sold all over the place for about $40. Comes in 300w and 500w versions too.

The power input is an XT60 jack. Makes for convenient field charging using a big lipo as a power bank.


Thanks, ordered.

My Turnigy Neutron has a mind of it’s own.

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Love my istd-608.
Might order a second one.

Ah, and I made this parallel charging board. Easy peasy and damn cheap.

Covered the bottom with liquid electrical tape.