Let's try... brushless!?

Wanted to start with cheap components (so that I can then buy the correct ones later :slight_smile: ) , from myrcmart (first time ever for me):
RCX H1306 3200KV Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor
RCX H130CF (3K Carbon) FPV Racer (Frame)
Mini Power Distribution Board for CC3D/Naze (30.50x30.50mm / 5&12V BEC / LC Filtered)
SP Racing F3 Flight Controller
3x3" 3030BN Bullnose Propellers.

Earlier I bought escs from HobbyKing, were on clearance sale, DYS BLHeli 16A Mini ESCs. These most probably are broken already (clones?), according to the reviews but let’s see.

Still waiting for receiver and 3s batteries. Redcon 2.4G DSM2 DSMX Satellite Receiver from banggood and Turnigy nano-tech 1000mah 3S 25~50C Lipos from HobbyKing.

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Mission Accomplished. Boy was it challenging…


That antenna looks massive :grinning:.

Give us some specs.
And a video please.

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Looks like Parrot Rolling spider frame? Just 15min ago I saw a similar brushless build that also had prop guards!

Not sure how I’m only aware of this now. Need the info…

That’s me :slight_smile:



@Denovich Thanks for your help with parts recommendations and Devo 10 config file help.

ROTORX 1105 4000KV
FVT LittleBees 20A OPTO PRO
ROTORX 2535 Props
Flip32mini FC w/latest CF
OrangeRx R111XN DSMX Sat
Diatone 600 TVL 90 Cam
FX758-2 5.8G 200mW 32CH FPV VtX
IBCrazy 5.8 GHz Cyclone Antenna Set
RMRC 5V Step-Up Voltage Regulator (In addition to the one on the PDB and just on the FPV-PACK).
FPV-RMRC Pico Wiring Harness
Nano-Tech 450mah 65c 3s packs
Parrot Rolling Spider Frame and Prop Guards


How you mount the motors there? Is that some selfprinted part you have for the parrot RS frame? If so… Please share!:grin: Good Job!

There are some adapters around to go into the 8.5mm holders, with the screw pattern on top for an 110x sized motor. But very cool machines guys.

Here is one adapeter.

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Ok thanks… Need to search on thingiverse

Yep, those are the ones.

@chrisdo took a quick maiden vid. So smooth, but power at the same time.


I have all the stuff picked out so far but my pdb. Heres the specs:

Armattan Morphite X 155
1306 3350kv motors
20a little bee pros
X-Racer F303 naze32 based FC
Rotot x tri blades 3040T (I think)
D4R-II Receiver
Micro minimOSD
HS1177 camera
Aomway 200mw vtx

I need to find a PDB with a 5v / 12v regulated since my littlebees don’t have caps and don’t supply any regulated power themselves. Also a pdb with low pass filter is a must for fpv. Any other suggestions on what I need to look for or any suggestions on any PDB to purchase? Thanks guys and gals

Edit: ill be using 3s and 4s especially if that helps at all.

I haven’t flown 1306s, but I really like the performance of 1407s, which according to tests and other posts seem to have quite a bit more thrust. And DYS is now coming out with a racing edition 1407. Same hollow shaft and N52 magnets as on the SE2205s I use on my big quad. They should be awesome. I use the 3200kV variety on 4S.

You’ll be able to run the DAL T3545BNs on tnag frame. They are worth a try. More floaty than the DAL T3045BNs. I have not tried the RotorX tri-blades but everyone says they are good.

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I’ve been following this thread for awhile and finally got to the bottom and have my first brushless setup started.

Daitone ET150 frame
DYS 1306 2300kv motors
Multistar 10A ESC
3030 props
Flip32 AIO FC
FX758-2 TX
Not sure which battery I should go with. It looks like ESC will handle 2-3S. The pdb has a 5v BEC on it.

Denovich what Tx is that with the wire hanging off the back with out mount. I need a few of those wires. are those wires available separately?


Did that super sweet blue SMA ring come with the antenna? I want some of those!

Very nice build! Must be one of the most powerful parrot frame quad machines ever built :slight_smile:
But I suspect the antenna is screwing up the center of gravity a bit, isn’t it?

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I guess that’s some TBS transmitter.

You can find nice cables on BG:

Search term “SMA pigtail”. Those come with uFL most of the time - you can cut that off.

You can also find this - but I didn’t find a variant with cable of it:
http://www.banggood.com/SMA-Female-with-2-Holes-Flange-Mount-Panel-Connector-p-923129.html?cur_warehouse=CN - If anyone knows how to solder/attach a cable to this type of thing properly - please let me know - I have some here and would like to learn what the correct method to solder them is.

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@las[quote=“las, post:380, topic:604”]
Did that super sweet blue SMA ring come with the antenna? I want some of those!
Yes, they were included with the antennas. Very nice touch.[quote=“las, post:380, topic:604”]
Very nice build! Must be one of the most powerful parrot frame quad machines ever built :slight_smile:But I suspect the antenna is screwing up the center of gravity a bit, isn’t it?

Thank you.

No screwing up COG, because the 3s 450 packs are 40g and naturally mount forward towards the “nose” of the frame, so the offset by default is good.

Thanks @las… thats what I was looking for.

VTX: TBS Unify Pro.

Diatone 150
DYS BX1306-14 4000KV
KISS 18A http://www.gearbest.com/multi-rotor-parts/pp_362649.html?lkid=10001611
EMAX mini Skyline32 Naze32
DYS X30303 3 blade bullnose propeller http://www.banggood.com/DYS-X30303-3-blade-bullnose-propeller-3030-CWCCW-Nylon-Fiber-p-1053275.html?p=KC2904920392201411MU
Turnigy Bolt 850mAh 4S 15.2V 65~130Chttp://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_87965__Turnigy_Bolt_850mAh_4S_15_2V_65_130C_High_Voltage_Lipoly_Pack_LiHV.html
Diatone V3.1 BEC 5V Power Distribution Board http://www.banggood.com/Diatone-V3_1-BEC-5V-Power-Distribution-Board-For-Blade-150-180-200-ET150-p-986913.html?p=KC2904920392201411MU
Eachine TS5840 Upgraded 40CH 5.8G 200mW