Lets play with "Play DoH pasta"

Here @NotFastEnuf my custom canopy till i get a mold or a 3D printer ! Handmade with Play Doh pasta from my son ! ahhahaha "Not Perfect tho " but its awesome not even a 0.5g


Man those are some inspired lines!!! Like a early 60’s salt flat land speed record car or something!!! …and creative use of materials!
I’m impressed!

I started with plaster and spackling compound myself hand carving molds. You’ll always love your own hand made creations more than something perfectly modeled on a computer! !

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100% indeed ! Got some plaster around and foam . Ill just let my creativity and try to do some others idea i have in mind . Using HDPE from Plastic Plate from Dollar Store .

This is why i love this hobby so much endless possibilities and always learning something !

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Plastic plates are lilely styrene (solo cup material). Find a gallon jug … do Canadians have gallons? Rofl :smile:


Ahhahahahah ! I did try with Milk jug , it was awesome but we dont drink that much milk yet ahhaha