Lemon RX + Eachine DS F3 EVO


You need to attach the Lemonrx to the DSM port, 3.3v, GND, RX3 on the front edge of the fc.
Once you’ve done that connect to Betaflight and flash SPRacing F3 EVO firmware, I’d go with 3.1.6 as it works reliably.
Then connect to betaflight and set uart3 as serial port, save then select serial rx provider and choose spektrum 2048 for dsmx, save.
Go into cli and type “set spektrum_sat_bind = 9” enter, save, enter.
Unplug the fc and when you plug in again the rx should be in bind mode, flashing led. Bind with tx then power cycle the fc and check it’s bound.

If at any stage it doesn’t go as hoped, we can get it sorted.


Okey, good and bad news

The good news:

  • I put together my quad
  • I was able to bind it to my Spektrum Radio

The bad news:

  • I can do whatever I want, the motors won’t spin either with betaflight or with a battery plugged in
  • Not all switches of my Spektrum dx6i are available as aux ports in betaflight



Sounds like you are not arming it. Does the receiver tab in betaflight show all channels moving correctly? Is full range available, 1000 minimum to 2000 maximum? This is vital for correct operation.
You can arm with a switch or via stick commands but either method requires channels to have correct endpoint values.


Guys … It’s done !!!

I can’t believe that this little bastard is in the air now.

I sencerely want to thank all of you who participate in this thread. Keep your passion on micro quads.
And share this community, this is a great place.