Lemon RX + Eachine DS F3 EVO


Hey guys I am very new to to to drone flying and programming and I have huge troubles with some products.

Few months ago I bought a Flightcontroller:

This Flightcontroller has a built in DSM2 receiver Wich unfortunately I can’t use withe my european spektrum dx6i radio.

To fix this problem I decided to buy a lemon RX receiver from MMW:

This receiver came with a connection cable (all three wires black)

Now I’m in trouble again and I need help:

  • how and where can I connect the receiver wires to the Flightcontroller?
  • how do I have to set it up in betaflight

In addition I will sent some pictures of my Flightcontroller and of my receiver

Thx for your help.

PS: I love this helpefull community.


@Luis Hey welcome
First, nice choice for your frame! I have yet to get one of those.
Second, lemon pin out:
In my pic from left to right,
Power, 3.3V

And lastly, your FC.
I don’t have that specific FC, if there is someone here that will confirm this for me like maybe @Denovich, and @burtlo or @Bobnova are great at this too.
I would think dsm is signal (yellow)
Power, red, 3.3V
Ground, black.

Good luck, let’s get you in the air!


According to the LemonRx site, your satellite takes 3.3V: http://www.lemon-rx.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=72&product_id=109

So, you’re kinda forced to use the 3.3V via at the top of your left side of vias, and then I’d connect to the TX1 and GND on the top of the right side. Since your signal would be coming from TX1, I’d set the UART1 port to “SerialRx = ON” in the Ports tab in BetaFlight.

Then, set your receiver type as “Serial, SBUS, etc…”, with “DSMX” as the subtype.

Doing this from memory… hope that helps!


Thanks @burtlo for jumping in,
So in @Luis pic in the top left he has the dsm and ppm jumpered.
What is the significance?
Myself always using lemon rx or Scisky integrated dsm I’m not familiar.


I haven’t been able to find anything. I’d be curious what a voltmeter measured on each of those as positive leads… touching black lead to a ground, then a red lead to 1) DSM only, 2) PPM only, 3) DSM+PPM soldered.


I wasn’t able to figure out what the jumper was about when I was trying to get a very similar board to do serial rx / dsm.


I tried everything, I couldn’t get it to work, there wasn’t even a led flashing on the receiver.

I’m so sick of trying to get this damn thing to work, should I get a new flightcontroller?


The LemonRx won’t flash or do anything until its bound. I don’t remember the bind commands off hand, but search for “set_spektrum_bind”… does the site you bought the board have any more info? Usually BG tells you to hook up what rx to what port…


Try this bind process:


I dit it exactly how you described it @burtlo

  • I solder ground to ground, voltage to 3,3V, and Signal to the TX1 port
  • Then I plugged in my receiver
  • I configured ports tab in betaflight (enabled serial RX on UART1)
  • in Configuration tab I chose serial based receiver and Spektrum 2048
  • then I saved
  • I have typed in the bind command and disconnected the FC
  • then I plugged in a battery but nothing happened only the FC started blinking, not the receiver


I’d recommend not going any further with this fc as it will lead to more frustration when you should be out flying. Invest in any F3 fc without rx and use the lemonrx you have. Integrated rx on cheap fcs very rarely works well unfortunately. That Crook frame deserves to be in the air btw :grinning:


Hey Chaotix,

You are my livesafer that FC has frustrated me for to long. I already searched for a new one online.
I found this one:


What do you think about it @


I’ve used that one in a couple of builds and like it, it’s about as small as they come. There’s a proper dsm connection point and it’s easy to get a lemonrx working with it.


Great work, Luis, you did all you could. Sorry you ran into quality issues.

I don’t have an opinion on that board, but while not exhaustive, here’s some solid feedback on options:


Thx burtlo,
but I think I will buy the amax Flightcontroller. It should arrive in a few days. I guess I will ask you guys some questions about the setup.

Thanks to all of you, this community is just amazing.
Love you guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, this place is great, huh? Glad you dove in, keep sharing your stuff, and Good Luck!


Oh before I forget, what props do you guys recommend. I have 8x20 mm motors and the crook frame from rotorious fpv as Chaotix already said.



Okey that sounds great


Today I received my new flightcontroller (the one I mentioned before) and now I need to know:

  • where to solder the wires from the lemon RX receiver cable
  • how I have to Programm my FC to get my receiver to work
  • And which betaflight setting do you guys recommend