Lack of Motivation for Flying ? Watch this

Winter Season is coming and its time to get your WHOOP out ! NFE Silverware !


Man, I started to hit like even before I watch - and I am never wrong :upside_down_face:

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Thank you so much Silver ! i really appreciate your honest words !

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NFE Silverware and SON ! Inspiration !


Great, as usuall :blush:
But please let me go a bit offtopic and ask you a question: which one of your top camera mount for separated AIO and brushed whoop you will recommend? You have several STL’s at thinginverse but I don’t know what is best for 716 brushed whoop. I don’t have 3D printer so I can’t experiment and need some exact recommendations before I find a way to print it somehow and somewhere in my country (Croatia)

Amazing video! Really like when you flip into different views and scenes. Super precise flying.

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What board are you flying? Wonder if you could share some pid tips in Silverware. I am so amazed with your flying. I want my pids like yours. Really like watching you fly. Peace out.

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Im using the E011c with default NFE pids and im using Weak filtering or Beta Filtering depend on my build ! :slight_smile: . Thank you btw !

So Awesome, I did notice it looks like your switching back and forth in the vid from a whoop to maybe a 3 inch ripper. Really like how you edited that vid. I have built about 4 B-whoop pro’s now silverware/Keil with Modded devo 7e. So impressed with how they fly. I have like 8 more brand new b-whoop’s for my creation’s. I built one with 8.5x 20 motors. carbon frame,65 kingkongs. It’s crazy fast. I also put a b-whoop board in a JJRC H31 frame. It is really fun to fly in the wind. I am getting a strange wobble on both my creation’s I have read so many post’s tried so many different pid settings. Followed all the pid gurus on the Silverware wiki. Still can’t get rid of that wobble. Side to side roll wobble. Any ideas what settings might remove this wobble. I also zeroed out I and d and just used p as a test. Did not make much difference. I also started messing with set point weighting. This did seem to help some. I have two B-whoop pro,s with Keil, and the Fo2h cam, So amazed how fast they are with such precise control. I just love learning all this tech stuff and slowly learning all about Keil. What settings make it flip really fast…Are you using pids or settings on your trans to get it to flip so fast? So stoked to chat with you. Peace out from Colorado. p.s. in my testing I also raised d a bunch. Sure hope I figure this wobble out soon. I also set the pwm freq. to the correct motor’s. trying everything.

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So Awesome, I did notice it looks like your switching back and forth in the vid from a whoop to maybe a 3 inch ripper.

When i switch its either my Silverware NFE or my DIY 1s Brushless Whoop ! The bigger ive flown is a Toothpick otherwise with the same shape its the BOSS 7 and 8 or my TKS 716s . On my Tiny Whoop NFE im using stock pids with beta filtering on a used parts and weak filtering for Fresh and clean cut build .

About the BOSS 7 and TKS 716s , im using old PIDS , no torque boost and set filter to very strong . I do the same thing with the Boss 8 or use the recommend setting from NFE if i want to use a bigger battery 500mah + . Otherwise its always a WHOOP ! brushless or Brushed !

Whoop On bro ! and thank you

I didnt upload my other version i mean the one im using for top mount , but you can use the version 1 on my thingivers . If you want to go lowpro you could try @JBFPV simple camera mount or the ziptie trick which is super light and cheap to make , theres post about it somewhere on this fabulous forum . Search for super light camera mount .

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V1 is this one?

For low profile, I succesfully used rubberbands but only on E011 type of frames and with non-gumstick lipos. On betafpv v4 frame I dont know will anything fit especially with long mylipo gumstick HVs… :frowning:

On this frame you can turn it to 90 ° clockwise(for mounting your lowpro with rubberband , and also you gonna mount your lipo side way and you might love it , but really love it ! Dunno if you can see the image that im trying to explain xD !

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I know what you mean - I once tried sideway lipo mount on some 6x15 build but did not like how it flies… never tried on 7x16 - and 7x16 is different thing so I deffinitelly will try. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:
But for v4 frame I need to use some 3D low pro print mount (or JBFPV ziptie method) because ruberband method requires straight frame piece between ducts and v4 has bent one and too much in front, so camera I use (kingkong 800tvl) will basically have lens too close to front of ducts…

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Awesome man, Thanks for that info. So cool seeing what other pilots are doing. Gonna test out the Torque boost settings, and try some filter adjustments. I read your message and understand exactly what your doing. Super cool, I am so stoked to be flying and learning Silverware. Thanks again Tarkux.

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Another Day Another Flight ! Revisiting a old spot from last year !

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Anytime my fpv friend ! Silverware is awesome and it will unlock your skills !

My Superlight ziptie cam mount post for those interested.