KingKong Tiny 8X with Cyclops HD DVR-Cam


Hi guys, hope all of you have been well and having fun!
I’ve not been here for a while and miss interacting with all of you.
I outfitted a KongKong Tiny 8X frame with some 0820 motors meant for geared quads, my favorite toy FC, and used the Cyclops DVR-Cam connected to a Boldclash F02 Vtx. The Cyclops lens viewing angle is 90 degree so I swapped it out with this 120 degree one.
Took her to a beach resort vacation with family & friends and here’s a quick edit of my flights. Hope you like it and inspires you to film HD footage with a Whoop style quad. Watch it full screen!


Great video, that is a beautiful spot!


Fantastic video, love the bits with the slide especially!