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King Kong Tiny 6 RTF - Another Bind Problem


Okay, this is the correct DUMP to rewrite and then reboot.
With original Receiver and Transmitter, tell me if it works with it.
Correct DUMP.txt (9.0 KB)


Awesome, so yes. Original receiver + restoring to your CLI dump is good. Thank you!

One thing… I had to change the channel map from TAER to AETR to get the inputs to align.

I plugged in a battery and hoped for the best, but no luck. The motors do not spin up when increasing throttle.

All the inputs register correctly in the receiver tab.
The motors spin up correctly in the motors tab.

But when I am disconnected from betaflight, quad armed, receiver inputs are ignored.

I’m not 100% confident in my soldering, I’m wondering if a pre-arm check is preventing me from flying. The LEDs look normal, but I’m not sure. The original problem in this thread is solved though! Thank you!


Oh, good!
That you would change TAER to AETR is possible, i don’t remember that very well!

So, while connected with betaflight motors spin correctly…?
If yes, there’s something prevent you to spin motors.
See in the Tab and verify that ARM switch work correclty…
Sometime can be reversed or not present for unknow reason…!

And if your Throttle value is correct. Because, if Min Throttle to prevent ARM is for example 400 and Betaflight see 500 with your stick all down, it prevent to spin!

If you want, Upload all betaflight Tabs Screens, so i can verify all is right!

Be sure your throttle is all down when you do the screenshots!

Have a good week End!