King Kong Tiny 6 RTF - Another Bind Problem


Hello, i had problem to rebind the Transmitter and Receiver on this RTF version (the drone have Bind button but Transmitter not) , i don’t know how but it’s now work.

Meantime, it’s arrived my new Multiprotocol Jumper T8SG (Deviation 7), that have S-FHSS module inside; Now, how i bind it…? In the voice S-FHSS it’s only “Freq Fine” and “Freq Coarse” values, and not Bind function :expressionless:

On drone, if i push bind button while it’s on, nothing happen;
If i press button when off and turn on, the led flashes…

But, what must i do on transmitter to Bind it…?
I don’t know what’s Receiver name, because it is RTF version and not writed…
Only know that in transmitter RTF “S-FHSS PCM 1024” so it’s Futaba…
And in Betaflight Receiver is setting as SBUS

Help please :disappointed_relieved:


@PJC might be able to help since I know he uses Deviation and also have a T8SG on hand.


Thank you, i hope this!

The problem, is that in RTF Version, it’s not writted what Receiver use…!
So i can only suppose from what writed on transmitter RTF, “S-FHSS PCM 1024”, that’s Futaba… But, i open the RTF Transmitter, and there’s a A7105 Chip, that is not Futaba…!

Anybody know what Transmitter and Receiver there is on Tiny 6/7 RTF Version?


If you ever figure out what protocol to use, binding on the T8SG is under the model menu where you load your model in and right next to where you choose your protocol.


I don’t know for sure, how told i think is futaba S-FHSS as writed on Transmitter, but inside Transmitter there’s a A7105 Chip that’s not Futaba! And with protocol S-FHSS on Jumper T8, there isn’t “Bind” word as Flysky or others, i can only set manual Freq Fine and Coarse…


Try freg fine at -40


From the Deviation manual

The YD717 protocol supports 9 channels and only supports auto-binding. The protocol stays in bind mode until successful.


Okay thanks!
Tonight i will try with fine freq to -40…
I have now the dubt that it’s possible that T8 not working propely, because i see that antenna was very lose :scream: i hope that it’s not cooked!!


I try but nothing…!

Now… i see that NO RTF version of Tiny 6 can arrive with 4 receiver:


I think that in RTF version use one of these (it’s not writed on Box)…!
So, what of this is compatible with Futaba S-FHSS Transmitter that come with RTF Version…?

If can help, on the drone is wired in S-Bus…!

I want understand exactly what receiver i have…!!

This is outside of Transmitter:
Transmitter RTF

This is Inside Transmitter:

I continue to not understand how it can Be Futaba S-FHSS with a A7105 Inside…!



Found this list which may be helpful for you.

Protocol - RF Chip

FLYSKY - A7105 - Flysky uses protocol AFHDS and AFHDS2a. The channel order is the same as futaba (Aileron/Roll, Elevator/Pitch, Throttle, Rudder/Yaw)

HUBSAN - A7105
V2X2 - NRF24L01+
DSM2 - CYRF6936
YD717 - NRF24L01+
KN - NRF24L01+
SLT - NRF24L01+
CX10 - NRF24L01+
S-FHSS - CC2500
MJXQ - NRF24L01+


Very Thanks!! it’s what i thought…!

So, also if in RTF Transmitter is wrote S-FHSS, it’a Fly Sky :open_mouth:…!

It’s ridicolous…!

I will Try to bind with My new T8SG with FlySky Protocol…!


No worries! I agree with you there its a bit silly. Some chinese manufacturers love skipping the little details. :slight_smile:
Hope you get it all working and up in the air soon :smiley:


Did anybody manage to solve this?
I’m having the exact same issue. Binding with Flysky protocol doesn’t work :frowning: