Killa' Klownz FPV - Stingray 120 Frame

I actually don’t remember how I found out about this frame, but here’s the website:!product-page/lskjc/6341afcb-2688-eecd-b4af-bee48fad3eda

It’s actually easier to go to his Facebook page, buy stuff from him (PayPal) and his communication is top notch and shipping is fast and easy.

The frame is a very nice CNC carbon fiber with a nice large cutout for FPV all in one’s in the front. Here is mine running 7mm 14’s. It ships standard with 8.5mm mounts, but I wanted to use my Walkera Ladybird FC so I had him send 7mm as well as 8mm (you can get 8.5 as well).

I love the shape of the frame, a stretched X shape. It feels balanced and just the right size.

My setup right now is:

  • Stingray 120 frame with top plate and 7mm TPU motor mounts
  • Walkera Ladybird FPV V2 FC
  • MMWH 07020-14 motors
  • Parrot Rolling Spider Props (although in the shot I was using tri-blades)
  • Lectron Pro 3.7 volt - 700mAh 30C Lipo Pack for LaTrax Alias (LOVE how flat this one is)
  • Walkera Devo 7

With Parrot props, it’s got plenty of zip, even with 7mm. The Ladybird FC doesn’t have as much Auto-level as some of the newer FC’s out there (like the Nano QX FPV), but I love “Rolling Mode” for doing flips (it turns off limits on the 3 axis gyro). I have the Gyro set at 12 noon (it’s default at 3 for the flat spot) and it is STABLE and SMOOTH. I find the Ladybird FC not for the beginner pilot, especially if you are used to the TINY WHOOP, Inductrix, X11 kind of quad. It’s got 3 axis, but it is looser than those. But it’s made me a better pilot, especially in Rolling Mode.

With the 700mAh and Parrrots I get about 5-7 minutes of flight time…with the tri-blades, I get about 4 or so. The Tris are SO QUIET, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. I wish there were better tri-blades out there.

Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend this frame and the CS from KKFPV!

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Very nice build @PJC

Yep, it’s my daily driver

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NICE! Running 8.5mm? What LiPo are you using?

I’m really looking forward to getting FPV on mine, but might need to bump up to the 8.5’s…It’s flying so well LOS right now I’m not really rushing into going FPV yet. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, they’re 8.5mm motors. I run 3 different packs: Graphene 600mah & 750mah, plus the mylipo 480mah.

No FPV on it either, because it’s my indoor LOS Rocket :slight_smile:

Which fpv setup are you thinking of adding to it?

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Since I’m running the Walkera Ladybird FC, I was thinking plug and play with the FX797T or even the Ladybird Camera. I need to do some measurements to make sure it will fit…but the more I fly it LOS, the longer I put off the FPV part of it. :wink:

I might upgrade to the newer Ladybird FC that has 6 axis and 3 axis. I’m getting better and better at acro with the 3 axis, but I do like the option of full on fast and easy cruising with accelerometers (that or my Inductrix has made me lazy)

I think more people should know about this frame though…I love my Carbon H, but it feels like a lead sled compared to the Stingray…I am imagining with 8.5s yours is spectacular!

Love mine<img src="//"

width=“690” height=“414”>

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Looking good! What FC?

Alien Wii Classic Narrow fc

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A little update on my Stingray. I popped the Ladybird FC off (since it’s ONLY Horizon and Acro because it’s got no accelerometer) and put my Nano QX FPV FC on it and got the “Latrax Alias” Lectron Pro 700mAH 30C battery and it’s EVEN BETTER NOW!
The FC in stable mode is still a heck of a lot of fun to fly…and is a lot like a super fast Inductrix. :smiley:


It fits under the frame very well and with the 7mm Fasts, I get 8-10 minutes of pretty dang fast LOS flying. Now, it’s not as insane as an 8.5 might be like, but setup I have now can get me into trouble, but also scream by going full throttle too for 10 minutes of fun!

This frame is great for a little racer. :slight_smile: