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Kababfpv toothpick


Hey! I’ve been back to micros lately, and I’m curious if anyone has tried kabab’s toothpick frame. And if you can list flight times, performance, and parts, that’d be great! I’ve looked on his website and rotorbuilds and have a good idea of what parts I’m going to get, but all suggestions are helpful!


I’ve built one using a crazybee f4 and the betafpv 1103 motors. It flew great until I tried forcing replacement props on the motors and pushed the shaft loose. Still flys, but not nearly as smooth. Would appreciate any knowledge on fixing a shaft in place(super glue?). Till then I’ve put in an order for Airblade 1103 motors and going to avoid the press fit props and rely on screws :rofl:


I have some parts for a proper 2s build on the way (Amax 1103 7500KV, Crossfire, Unify Pro32 Nano and I haven’t decided on camera yet but Kabab suggests to go with a full micro cam if I’m already going with a separate VTX), but for now I built one that I’m running on 1s and I’m impressed at how well it moves. Unfortunately the only motors I could get on a short notice in EU were HappyModel 0802 16000KV and they’re absolute junk, I finally managed to get a few packs today without one of them falling apart after replacing their bells with old BetaFPV 0802 bells but my Aomways saved the DVR as a 0-byte AVI file :frowning:

I’m going with BetaFPV F4 2S AIO board because I have really bad experience with HappyModel (I hoped the new motors would be better since everyone seems to like their Mobulas and TinyWhoop official motors are made by them, but they proved to be a major PITA). I know people have mixed experience with BetaFPV electronics too, but for now I had more luck with them than HM. AlienWhoop brushless FC can’t come soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to get some more DVR recorded over the weekend, until then here’s a very short DVR from a quick maiden from the evening I built this one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuUytJVHD5b/ - it’s default tune and I didn’t really unleash the throttle fully here because it was dark and unknown location to me but you can get the general idea (swipe for the video).

Edit: realized I haven’t mentioned flight time - this one is about 40g AUW with 450mah 1S GNBs and I am getting anywhere from ~4-5 minutes for outdoor acro to 10+ minutes of slow indoor angle (I didn’t get to go out a lot for past few days and my apartment isn’t nearly big enough to fly this thing in acro).


Throwing this in here for the DIY’ers:


Wow, that Twiggy frame looks nice. Just another reason I need to buy a 3d printer.


As promised, here’s a short edit of my day with the 1S Toothpick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItB0K7JXzTM