Jumper T8SG v2 Plus - share your model files!

nope, nothing in the v1 to adjust tension. :frowning:


Thank you for sharing e011c. text
If you have , could you share the “config.h” for eo11 acro mode with me
through my email(doittom@gmail.com ) ?
Tks vm

Here is my config.h for e011c (Santa). If you are using original e011 just use #define E011 instead of BWHOOP.
It’s not far from stock just slightly higher rates and expo on zer0.
I also disable arming (it is always armed) which disabled safety features like throttle check so be warned!

config.h.txt (22.3 KB)
(added .txt so I could upload it here, make sure to remove .txt)

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Hi Benedikt,

I’m really interested in the config files you mention in your ““lowering the bar” - RTF-kit overview & setup guide” video.

I followed the link but the page says “Copy the following TX.ini onto the main directory of the USB device, and MODEL1.INI to the “models” folder.” yet there are no links to the actual files.

I’m also very interested in the model setup for the betafpv 65s lite.



E010 DSM2 WhoopE010S DSM2.zip (791 Bytes)

King Kong ET125 - top RH sw is arm, LH 3 pos sw is flight mode, top LH sw is beeper
ET 125.zip (836 Bytes)

Inductrix Pro brushed
Inductrix Pro.zip (816 Bytes)

and my new favorite…
BETAFPV F4 Brushed/OSD/FrSky
BETAFPV F4 OSD FrSky.zip (838 Bytes)

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Thanks so much for the betafpv f4 brushed config.
I’ve been flying the 65s lites but am just about to build a 65s and 75s with that FC.

@JBFPV, ha…you and i have the same rates and expo. :wink: Did you do torque boost? I’m digging it.

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Don’t think I use torque boost, I’ve tried it before but I think it gave me oscillations. Was a long time ago though so I’m not sure. I don’t play around much with the settings, I just find something that works and stick to it.


taking the config files sharing game to the next level.


any chance anyone has set this up with the inductrix fpv plus? or really the inductrix fpv bl?but the fpv plus would work to thanks

could someone upload a Model config file for the " Freerider Simulator" i´m struggeling arround and i didn´t come to get this work.

I go crazy because i bought it and i want it to play now !!!
have a t8sg plus v2 .DeviationTXV5… and every model file on the net was tested.

PLS help ne out…

I got my Jumper T8SG Plus a few days ago. Included was a small bag with some parts: tiny coiled type spring, a flex type of spring and some screws. Perhaps this is a kit to center throttle if desired. Also included was two battery boxes, one for 4 AA batts and another for two 18650 batts. I found the 18650 batts at my local WalMart. A pack of four 2000 maH Westinghouse brand for $11.00. I’m using them .

I successfully loaded two model files into my Jumper Plus. I simply copied the entire text and pasted it into the model file I chose then highlighted and deleted the original file text careful as to not also delete any part of the new one. Worked for me.
PROBLEM: The model icon file is not recognized. The Jumper will show the name but not the picture. When I move it from the DropBox to the file it changes into a .jpg file instead of the .bmp that it is in the DropBox! What’s up with that??

That file conversion must happen somewhere on your end.
The .zip file that you can download in the top posts contains a .bmp file.
Maybe use a different way to copy/extract the .zip archive?

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hi, guys anybody got a file for a beebrain lite, I tried to edit one of benedicts files a betfpv 65s but didn’t work and got confused , many thanks

welcome to the forum, pauly!

Sorry, I dont have a file for the bee lite.
Its normal to get confused by adjusting these models files. Its not very intuitive.
But once you tinker with it for a while, you will get the hang of it and then adjust your model files.

I suggest to use a computer and a text editor, change the model file over USB. Not by using the menu on the transmitter. That is way too frustrating.

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thyx , yes I tried to change channel set up to aetr but all the other channels got confusing , I got the sticks working right , but wasn’t arming etc, oh well I tried, I will keep my eye out for any updates or info elsewhere, but thanks for your files they worked great,

I am flying my BetaFPV 65s Lite using the .ini you have provided. Thank you. As a “noob” to all this I wanted to ask what or if the toggles on my Jumper Plus will do to input control to the quad? Such as the 3 speed option, flips, etc. Have a missed that info somewhere perhaps?
Thank you- Colin (aka Kentuckian)

Hi guys
New to this forum. Has anyone got a file for a tiny hawk s?

Idea?! A "Dot INI " repository page or just add to this sticky any and all workable .ini files users have??? So clear and easy (for me anyway) to see and use. A “readme.txt” file imbedded in your .ini would help for explaining features and switches used. Wonder if “readme.txt” left in the .ini could it mess things up or just be ignored by the program?