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Jumper T8SG v2 Plus - share your model files!


I ordered this radio about a month ago, because the 4 built-in RF modules supporting a long list of protocols was intriguing. I expected it to by quite gimmicky… However - its so good that I havent touched any of my Taranis radios since…

One of the best features of this radio is that I can edit the model files with very little effort on any of my computer. Connect the radio via USB, it presents itself as USB storage device, and the model files are accessible as plain text files.
That means I can easily transfer channel setting, throttle curves, display configuration etc. between models, and I can also share my models with simple copy and paste online.

Which is exactly what I want to do in this thread :wink:

If you want to use the following model files, you need to rename them to model1.ini, model2.ini, model3.ini, and copy them into the “models” folders of your radio.

AlienZER0.txt (12.0 KB)
BetaFPVF3.txt (8.0 KB)
E011.txt (4.0 KB)

Im using the following E010 icon for my Whoop models:

E010.bmp.zip (1.1 KB)

If you want to use this icon, unzip it and copy it into your “modelico” folder on the radio, and then reference it as I have done it in above model files.

Any questions on the process, any suggestions to improve the models, feel free to ask in this thread.
If you want to share your own model files - please be my guest!


Fantastic initiative, @Benedikt! I actually watched your vid last night on YouTube, and was hoping to find this new thread next visit to MMC. :smile:

I love that you can edit Deviation .ini model files in a text editor! That is so much easier than scrolling through character lists with two buttons. Makes me wonder if there is something similar for OpenTX model files, which I need to learn for the X-Lite TX.

I have a BetaFPV 65S Lite, i.e. the one with the SilverWare NFE FC, that I still need to set up. So I’d be interested in a BetaFPV Lite FC .ini file. That is, unless I can just use the one above.


To give this thread a little boost, here is my e011c file (which I also use on the Alienwhoop zer0 with Bayang rx)
note: this uses expo on the radio because I have expo on 0.0 in Silverware.

Features a nice and clean home screen:

e011c.txt (4 KB)


Thanks bro ! sending us the secret sauce …or not it might not suit to everyone ! thanks a lot ! Drop it on FB people will get crazy as ■■■■ haahhaha !


I like it better here. This is where the OG’s are at! :wink:


Oh btw Brainstorm you can use the e011 model for the BetaFPV lite as well, it also uses Bayang protocol and it’s basically an e011/Bwhoop with a different shape.


Talking about the Jumper , i do own the V1 but flying with joystick instead of gimbal is weird …well for me , is there a way to tight those joystick ? is there a mod i could do … till i get the v2 plus


Found that Thread from @PJC … a bit old tho


I don’t have a V1 but on the V2 Plus you can remove the back plate to adjust the tension of the springs by turning screws. @pjc can you do this on the V1 as well?


I just opened mine and theres nothing beside one thing to tight … only the Throttle / Yaw which i just did . Gonna burn a pack and see how it goes .


Still loving my T8SG!
The only minor issues that I had with it (yeah I know, its not very popular…): I couldnt make the throttle stick centering.
I really like a centering throttle stick.
Having the throttle flopping in the breeze without centering, I feel Im giving away a free reference point.

So recently, I picked up a T12 (same housing, but running OpenTX), and included in the box were parts to center the throttle stick :open_mouth:
So I opened my T8SG and fiddled the lever and spring in there, and now this thing is perrrfect :smiley:


Thats good to know ! thanks for sharing Ben !:facepunch::sunglasses:


nope, nothing in the v1 to adjust tension. :frowning:


Thank you for sharing e011c. text
If you have , could you share the “config.h” for eo11 acro mode with me
through my email(doittom@gmail.com ) ?
Tks vm


Here is my config.h for e011c (Santa). If you are using original e011 just use #define E011 instead of BWHOOP.
It’s not far from stock just slightly higher rates and expo on zer0.
I also disable arming (it is always armed) which disabled safety features like throttle check so be warned!

config.h.txt (22.3 KB)
(added .txt so I could upload it here, make sure to remove .txt)


Hi Benedikt,

I’m really interested in the config files you mention in your ““lowering the bar” - RTF-kit overview & setup guide” video.

I followed the link but the page says “Copy the following TX.ini onto the main directory of the USB device, and MODEL1.INI to the “models” folder.” yet there are no links to the actual files.

I’m also very interested in the model setup for the betafpv 65s lite.




E010 DSM2 WhoopE010S DSM2.zip (791 Bytes)

King Kong ET125 - top RH sw is arm, LH 3 pos sw is flight mode, top LH sw is beeper
ET 125.zip (836 Bytes)

Inductrix Pro brushed
Inductrix Pro.zip (816 Bytes)

and my new favorite…
BETAFPV F4 Brushed/OSD/FrSky
BETAFPV F4 OSD FrSky.zip (838 Bytes)


Thanks so much for the betafpv f4 brushed config.
I’ve been flying the 65s lites but am just about to build a 65s and 75s with that FC.


@JBFPV, ha…you and i have the same rates and expo. :wink: Did you do torque boost? I’m digging it.


Don’t think I use torque boost, I’ve tried it before but I think it gave me oscillations. Was a long time ago though so I’m not sure. I don’t play around much with the settings, I just find something that works and stick to it.