Jumper t8sg v2 plus reordering channels? Help please

Hello all, my problem today is I’ve got a jumper t8sg v2, I’ve gotten to a point where my channels seem to have re aranged themselves after I select frsky protocol they change from TAER to AETR I think I managed to reorder them right, but why is spektrum displayed right and frsky changes it all

It’s selecting the correct channel order for frsky which is AETR, spektrum is TAER.

So it basicly switched from mode 2 to mode 3?
sorry for my newbie questions, this is my first radio this advanced, I came from a dx6i so im still learning,

No, the mode is the same its only the channel order that’s changed to suit the frsky protocol. Your left stick is still throttle/yaw it’s just throttle is channel 3 for frsky and channel 1 for spektrum.

oh ok thanks, so basicly everytime I boot the jumper with an frsky model last loaded, now the jumper whines at me about ch3 safe value is -100, it doesn’t stop it from booting but it’s annoying, especially when last week I was flying frsky with no problems like this no warnings no reordering the channels, just power up and fly, now it’s just annoying, so not sure what happened to my model file, but just created a new frsky model and no warnings no bs, hmmm wtf?

thanks for the help, still learning all this fun stuff and basicly focued on something I thought was a problem that really wasn’t, thank you again