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Jumper T8SG v2 plus IDLE UP switch?


Im kneeling for the NOOB question , but with my tired brain i can’t figure out how to make a IDLE UP switch on my Jumper T8SG v2 … Im so shy but yea i gotta to ask . if someone could explain me step by step , id really appreciate it .




You mean an actual idle up switch that raises throttle I guess, but why? I’m sure your are aware NFE Silverware has idle up function built in, and betaflight has airmode. Why would you want actual idle up?


As far as I know, idle up Is mainly for BL builds that have larger motors spinning aggressive props. What it does is reduce the amount of current when the throttle is faised. If you start from zero and punch the throttle with large BL you can toast a ESC from the current draw.


I wanna test some stuff


I think there is a flight mode for that. Just need to have an active switch it can be assigned to.


What in particluar? I used to have an Idle up switch programmed in the mixer on my Devo but now let silverware do it. It’s essentially the same thing in silverware and deviation.


There are a number of different ways you can do it. Select a complex mixer on the throttle channel and do two pages by selecting 2 mixers. On page 1 you will have one switch position selected (your choice) … Set the src to throttle and the curve to 1 to 1.
On page 2 you will select the opposite switch position in the switch box, same throttle as src, and same 1 to 1 curve… Bit this time you will mess with the scale and offset so that you end up with say 5% starting point and finish up at 100
The mux ( behavior selection for this page) should be set to replace


Guys i know about Airmode for BF and idle up for silverware but i wanna make a switch on my tx jumper for some test .

If you could explain it to me it would be very gentle .

Thanks FPV friends :wink:


Thank you NFE ! This is what i was looking for . :facepunch:


On Deviation start the curve at -79 on the second mixer page. That’s the minimum amount for the motors to start spinning


No sweat man… Like I said that’s just one way but probably one of the most common.

As far as silverware and idle up… It’s basically an airmode too… But it’s just way more adjustable and maybe a bit less intuitive. In silverware we have a minimum throttle setting… No command can ever drop below this when in the air, we have an idle up adjustment, we have a mix lower throttle … Which is like airmode’s ability to lower throttle … And we have an adjustment where we can cap it’s authority. It also is coded in such a way to take the place of boosting integral via antigravity. Then we have mix increase throttle … Again same as the increasing throttle portion of airmode, and we can adjust this as well capping it’s max.

So alot more to consider


Thank you for all the informations you guys told me . Im gonna look at it . It might ended my thought about something .


What were your thoughts? I’m sure NFE and others would be the perfect sounding boards to offer their thoughts in response?