Jumper t8sg v2 plus and crossfire nano rx strange behaviour

So I just got the crossfire micro module setup and working for the most part, I can see my nano rx in the jumper menu and configure both tx and rx, now I go into bf reciver and now at the ends of all my sticks, if I pus any stick to its ends it looks good until just about the end then suddenly if I go all they way to the end, in bf reciver all channels suddenly reset as if my transmitter just went dead and reset to 1500, 880 or so on throttle, I’ve noticed it happens when I get near 2115, it’s driving me nuts so close to getting it flying yet so far lol thanks

ok seems I’ve made a lil progress using the min and max limits I’ve gotten my throttle to go between 1099 for some reason and now I can chop the top down to 2004, some progress now to try rxrange

So after some fiddling around ended up setting my min and max to 100 and -100 that solved my problems yaaaaa, and in the chaos I forgot to charge any batteries doh, so testing on the jumper t8sg v2 plus and crossfire micro/ emax babyhawk r3 with tbs crossfire nano rx testing and maiden flight will wait