Jumper t8sg v2 plus 4 in 1 fried

Hi all resently a friend of mine got a jumper t8sg, took it out to fly, and we’ll he’s kinda new at this but his dog stepped on the radio breaking the antenna off, we’ll he just shoved it back in, not realizing there was no connection and continued to fly until he started getting really crappy range. … well he brought his radio to me, I discovered that there was no antenna connection, totally broken, I took an old sma pigtail and soldered it to the under side of the 4 in 1 took a rough reading with an immersion rf meter and was a bit lower than mine but way better than without, anyway he’s still getting sh!t range so im pretty sure the 4 in 1 is fried, anyone know where I could get a new one or if there’s at least maybe an frsky module we could pop in the back Bay to get his radio working again? Thanks

Where are you located? I have one. My main board is bad so I have parts if needed.

I’m in the US, colorado, thanks

Ok perfect I’m in Montana