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Jumper T8SG v2 Getting Latency


Recently i was experiencing some latency (delay) , at first i thought it was from my rx antenna or my crystal (e011c,bwhoop) , but it wasnt because i did try with different fc and same delay . Today i noticed that my antenna was slack , and it was popping out of his connector .

So i opened and took my jumper v1 antenna and removed it then installed it into my Jumper v2 but im still getting some delay .

Wonder if i should trim the jumper v1 antenna wire because i had to curve it inside the tx .

Here some pic .

Otherwise could it be my connection i soldered it same as it was on my V1 ?

Trim ?



With antenna issues, Id expect dropouts or low range, but not delays.
How exactly are you measuring/experiencing delays?


By stick command . example ( when i make a 180 or any direction by about 30-40m in a open field …its like when you play a game and you fire then your bullet shoot after 2sec … It could be a low voltage , didnt check my 2s voltages …hmmm


Maybe what you experience as delay is the failsafe kicking in briefly.
First thing I would check before suspecting hardware: the model settings on the TX.

Endpoints being too far out is common issue for failsafe. It only happens on near full stick deflection. So you could be flying around happily for most of the time, but when you crank the sticks too hard it drops from the sky.

You may paste the contents of your model file (use the “pre-formatted text” option in the forum editor) into this thread.


There is also every possibility that having a poor transmit antenna connection has fried your transmitter module. RF transmit modules cook themselves without a proper path out to exit their transmission. Which protocol are you using? Bayang?

If this is a cooked module, try reducing your power setting to 10mw or 30mw… it may behave properly confirming the theory.


I reopened my tx and verified that my solder joint was ok and the antenna from the tx to the external antenna was fixed properly.

2 days ago i did test but not that far away and didnt get any lag and it was around my home which has a lot of wifi here and there and didnt get any issue .

I will give another try and go further and see .

If i ever get random latency again i will try to reduce to 30mw 10mw as you stated.

In the worst condition i could probably use the tx inside my jumper v1 i guess .

For @NotFastEnuf and @Benedikt for your help i will update it soon.

Best regard