Jumper T8SG Plus with e010s pr0 frsky


Having trouble with this quad. Using a T8SG Plus (thanks Benedikt its now my favorite TX and the spektrums sit on the shelf). I can bind the radio and see reactions to input in BF but have never got it to arm (switch arming). Im sure that the arming issue is that the throttle wont stay low. For whatever reason my inputs all work, but in 30 ms intervals. The throttle goes between 885 and 1260 (when left low) and the other inputs stay stable at 1500 but only bounce when moved. The screenshot below is BF with the throttle left low and the aileron held full right.

The blue line at the bottom represents the throttle and the orange line bouncing from center to high is the aileron. If I center all sticks the lines (inputs) all stay centered correctly and the CH5 and CH6 switches stay where I put them (the green lines on the top)

This transmitter has been fantastic on five other receivers but this is my first attempt to bind it to frsky.

Maybe the receiver settings on the FC are not configured properly?
Post hardware details and a screenshot of the related settings!
Also note that there are three different FrSky protocol variants on the Jumper.

receiver settings


and configuration


I am using the plain Frsky mode on the T8SG+. After reading this and other forums I think this equates to the D8 mode.

The board is as it came from banggood e010s pro marked “Lemon Frsky” (shark whoop).

Thanks very much for coming to my rescue. Im really stoked to try this as it is the first TW ive got with the ability to have OSD and it looks pretty good in other respects so far. Cant wait to try it.

BTW the Aux 1 and 2 switches represented by the green lines at 1100 and 1900 work solidly (arm and angle) and the sticks stay perfectly steady if I center them all.

And if it helps here is a CLI dump

Shark Dump.zip (3.6 KB)

and the jumper t8sg file

Jumper file for Shark.zip (745 Bytes)

Are you using AA batteries or 2s ? if using AA standard batterie you might have problem with the Jumper T8SG v2 plus ! Shes doesnt like those batterie voltages ! :wink:

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Using 1100mah 2s LifePo

Hey Benedikt,

If you still have it would you share your t8sg+ file for the e010s pro? And possibly your CLI dump from the quad. Id really like to fly this thing while listening to Reggae Shark again!

I retired the Shark Whoop before the Jumper joined the club… so those two never partied tohether :wink:

In your Screenshot, throttle is at 885. Is that with the Tx powered on and bound? If so, that’s a reason for not arming. I suggest to adjust the channels on the radio so the values on all sticks travel between 1000 and 2000.

BTW my Jumper works fine with 4xAA. I read somewhere that this problem only existed in earlier batches.

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Yes. Dangdest thing. The throttle is pulsing between about 885 and 1350 and the aileron between 1570 and 1970 because its being held full right. If i release it it stays at center. The elevator and rudder do the same and the quad in the “preview” box reacts accordingly. Its as if the TX is connecting every 30 ms or so. I wondered about the “frsky bind hop data” that i found in the CLI dump. Couldn’t find a corresponding list in deviation but would kind of think if they were different it wouldn’t bind at all. Getting technical and way above my pay grade.


Are you choosing spi rx as receiver type and frsky D as protocol? In the config page of Betaflight.

I think ive got what im supposed to-

Should I have changed anything in the ports tab?


What was the solution because I have the same problem/

never got it going. im not too software savy so my solution was to mount a different fc in the shark body. sorry to say that I gave up but I did. good luck with finding a real solution.